Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Another successful trip to the Dentist for the girls! NO cavities, less screaming, and lots of excitement over getting "surprises" like a toothbrush from them seemed to make the trip really worth it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We went up to visit some of our friends in Boise, Idaho a couple of weeks ago. With Halloween and everything I managed to skip blogging about it, but now I'm back to documenting our trip!

The pictures are out of order and I just don't have the patience to fix it today. Sorry.

The stadium where the Boise State Broncos play. Their quarterback Kellen Moore is a Heisman candidate hopeful this year! (Oh and I LOVE the couple in blue with their bright orange Mustang in the picture!)
Valerie holding Ian at Shoshone Falls just outside of Twin Falls, ID.

The State Capitol in Boise.

"The Smurf Turf" a quick view of the only blue grass in college football.

Our family at Shoshone Falls.

The Twin Falls Temple.

The kids had the best time playing with their friends!
I wish I knew what he said to her to get THIS reaction.

We had fun on our fast trip to Idaho. Taking the Maddux's family pictures was the main reason for going officially, but I think it was more so Eryn could go new places. For weeks she was talking about going to Boise and she was excited everywhere we went realizing that it was somewhere new.

Every road trip teaches us something new. This time I learned that no matter how many fruit snacks a kid eats, they are still always going to want chicken nuggets when they see a Wendy's. Also, no matter how many time you say, "Boy-say uh uh" (with a bad french accent) it's ALWAYS funny!