Monday, March 28, 2011

Potter Puppet Pals

It's random, but our family really gets a kick out of this! The best is listening to the girls try to play the parts in it. Brooke likes being "Ron, Ron, Ron Weasly!" If you're not a Harry Potter fan... What rock have you been living under?

Friday, March 25, 2011


It seriously snowed today! Ahhhhhhhhh, it's MARCH and I don't live in Michigan anymore! Why is it snowing? Curses.

Anyhow, to combat the throw back to winter I made banana bread to warm the house and make it smell wonderful inside (since we're now stuck indoors yet again...).

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness!!!!!!!

There are few times a year that I get really into things and totally crazy about sports. March Madness is probably my favorite time of the year! College basketball on everyday and endless talk about players and teams with the analysts all guessing and comparing, but really it's any one's game just makes everyday so exciting.

Obviously, BYU landing a 3rd seed in the South East bracket is big and we're all cheering for BYU and Jimmer to go crazy and pull out some amazing shots! After growing up in Big Ten country I was excited to see that they had 7 teams make it to the tournament (even if one of them was that evil red team that shall not be named).

Fingers crossed for the brackets to be exciting this year!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

This holiday is traditionally celebrated a paczki (pronounced Punch-Key) with the world's most calorie laden doughnuts in the world (made the BEST in Michigan). I really didn't plan on celebrating Fat Tuesday, but ended up doing just that almost by accident.

Eryn was going to die so we had to go to a gas station for her to go to the bathroom. We went in, took care of the potty run, and while walking out I set Brooke down so she could walk and hold my hand. I looked up and Eryn was standing there with a glazed doughnut with about 3 HUGE bites out of it and the biggest smile I think I've ever seen.

"I guess we're going to buy that." Slipped out of my frustrated clinched teeth while my eyes were rolling as I fought the smile and the urge to laugh out load. Brooke got one too.

As I am above gas station doughnuts, we went down the road to Krispy Kreme for me to use my "free doughnut" coupon and I enjoyed a raspberry filled glazed. It was no paczki, but it was pretty good.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For the Grandmas

I couldn't put up a picture of Brooke for the new Photo of the Month without putting up a picture of Eryn. Here they both are in color even (since Grandma M. goes crazy with pictures that don't have color... ha ha ha!) Eryn refused to take off her "Princess Belle Dress" so we had to work around it. Brook lives in tutus now and I couldn't find a flower to match it to save my life. Yes, I like them better in black and white, but color shows off those adorable clue eyes so much better.

Getting Better

Brooke finished her antibiotic and is officially better. Eryn has shown dramatic improvement in walking beside me at the store without being in the cart (of course massive bribing is involved, but that's ok.). I'm absorbed in creative thinking and planning right now for up coming photo shoots with my new camera. Mike's working hard as always and riding high on Cloud 9 as BYU's men's basketball team is ranked #3 in both the AP and Coaches polls.

Over all, we're getting better. Life's a journey and sometimes it's a long road with rest stops few and far between. Holding out when you think you're bladder will explode for just another 10 miles is torture. So is waiting for the answers to prayers and the blessings that you keep wishing will come your way.

To all of my friends and family who are struggling at this time with the many different challenges that we all are facing know that; rest stops might be farther down the road than expected, but there might be a gas station in the middle of no where that will meet your needs. Sometimes answers to your prayers aren't what we expect, but they are just what we need.