Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Pictures

Yesterday we tried to take the McCorristin Family picture with all of Mike's brothers and sisters and their kids.  We were first to get there and had our pictures taken first.  These were some of the ones that I had Andrew (Mike's brother) take with my camera.  I edited and Frankensteined a couple of them together, but they aren't too bad! 

The skirts the girls are wearing I made (with a lot of help from a friend).  Plus, I made their little fabric hair flowers too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Hair

Look Mom!  It's blonder again and no I didn't cut off too much.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just Playing

I've been busy taking pictures and growing my "business" and loving how busy I've been  lately.  Except me spending more time on the computer means that the kids spend more time just playing around the house.  Summer is great, but it's sooooo hot out lately that we've been inside a lot more than the troops would prefer.  Here is a bit of what they've been doing.

Thank you Grandma for letting us steal some batteries from you to make the toys noisy again.  The children LOVE them even more now that they are incredibly annoying!

Eryn now wants to be a doctor so that she, "can give kids shots."  She's been practicing on her stuffed animals.  She has drawn charts and "brain scans" of them and she discusses what's wrong with them to Brooke and how she needs to take better care of them.

Ian almost has 4 teeth now and is trying desperately to walk.

She's finally turning into a ham when she sees the camera.  (The Photographer Mommy rejoices!)

I put a couple of these on my photog blog, but in case you missed it, this was my favorite of Miss Brooke.  She is the biggest challenge to me.  The girl pushes every button I have, digs her heels in and will fight me to the bitter end on everything.

I threw this one in just because he's so stinking cute!  He's eating shells and cheese (according to the girls it's way better than just mac and cheese).  That funny little smirk makes me laugh because I know exactly where he gets it from.

There is our random update post with a few pictures for the grandparents and few blog stalkers that I have.  School starts this month and back to school shopping and all of the fun that goes with that is right around the corner!