Monday, June 29, 2009

Val on Morphine

I figured that since it's been a week now I can reflect on the past and finally give in and talk about my experience with my second c-section. Prepare yourselves now to think that I am totally crazy and for a lot of reading! Since I am writing this at 1 in the morning (on a lot pain medication) this could be a really great post!

Having a planned c-section was very different than the surprise of the previous one. The 1st time around I had no idea what to expect, since I'd planned on a normal birth the whole time. I expected sweating, screaming, and a lot of pain medications to help me along the way. My mental state was confused and nervous. This time around the anxiety and anticipation were nearly overwhelming! It took 2 nurses holding me still to do the spinal. My body was shaking uncontrollably and my breathing was very fast and short. I didn't think I was that nervous, but my body told a different story.

Just before this all begins they give you a little drink of antacid so you won't throw up. You guessed it! I threw it up and that caused a little extra fun. The spinal shot is supposed to numb you from about your sternum down. When you cough, gag, or throw up (I did all 3) the medicine travels high up that it is supposed to. I had the pleasure of being number from the eyes down for the procedure.

Along with the numbing medicine comes a small amount of long lasting morphine to help your body make the transition to pain pills later on and so you can endure through the worst part of the pain. Oh... morphine and I are friends with a very special relationship. I like not feeling pain and it makes me totally random. When I'm nervous I can't stop talking. When I'm nervous on morphine I can't stop talking and barely make sense. Here's where the fun really begins!

Due to the fact that I had throw up there was a horrible taste in my mouth. I wanted a drink of water to rinse it out. I asked everyone in the room to get me a drink of water. They all said no. That was frustrating to me. I just wanted a drink of water! I asked everyone really nicely to get it and even whispered to the one nurse who I thought was on my side to get me some. Even Mike told me no! I asked several times to the point that there was a line up outside of the surgery room at the drinking fountain!

Since I was numb so high up I couldn't feel myself breating. I asked one of the doctors if I was dead. He said that if I was talking I wasn't dead. I figured that I needed to keep talking to know I was alive. Still, no drinks of water for me.

They took Brooke out and started taking care of her right away. She started crying and that made me super happy! I knew that she was going to be ok and was alive. I couldn't control my arms or anything when they brought her over for me to see. Mike stayed for a little while after that watching trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Then, he left to go be with Brooke.

This is where Mike can't tell me what happened so I have to go off of what my doctor told me the next day. He said that I was still asking for drinks of water with no progress. Then, since they unrestrained my arms I started moving my arms all around because they were numb. I made like sock puppet hands over the curtain to the doctor. I said that they were going to tell me what was going on. I asked if they needed any help. Then, what my doctor called one of the most memorable moments ever happened...

One of the doctors spilled some liquid on the floor. I asked him if he was making the floor numb. It might feel better because with everyone walking on it the floor probably hurt a lot. Everyone laughed and he said no it was just water. I yelled at him, "You're giving the floor a drink and not me!!!!!!!" Everyone started laughing hysterically.

My doctor said that with me begging for water and asking them to make the floor numb that Brooke was a c-section he'd never forget. I made every one's day in surgery.

Precious Moments

Our lives are filled with precious moments. For example...

Oh tender the smiling sleeping baby!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome Home

Friday we came home from the hospital. Mike thought it was going to be a snatch and grab, I knew it would take awhile to get out of there. I forget how many hours we were working to leave, but it was a long time! Fighting with 2 kids, a hungry wife, and trying to double and triple check everything was in order was a much bigger task than he'd planned I am sure. BUT, we did finally leave and made it home safe. Brooke doesn't like riding in the car yet either so that was fun. Here are a bunch of pictures that we took while trying to leave (also slowing down the process)!

Eryn was glad to see that Brooke has hair!

Brooke wanted nothing to do with a bow in her hair!

Wait... Where'd my Binky go?

I guess she can still smile and be happy without it!

Me and my Brooke Lynn

Eryn was giving her kisses- really fast kisses so this was as close to a picture of it that we could get!

My favorite picture of her. She's lovingly starring at...

I love her little half smile and that she can't take her eyes off of Mike!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Arrival!

Brooke Lynn McCorristin

June 23, 2009
7lbs 3oz
19 1/2 in long

Our little Brooke. She was very alert and loved looking around the room.

Brooke and mommy

Happy Family!

"Are you sure you trust ME with this baby?"

I know pictures don't always do justice especially with little newborns, but here is a picture of Eryn on her first day just for comparison. Eryn had a little more hair and it was a little darker than Brooke's but it is kinda crazy how much Brooke looks like Eryn did.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Eryn's Last Day

Today was Eryn's last day as an only child! She spent it being bratty and throwing tantrums in the grandest of fashions. She went over to play at her friend Colton's house while I cleaned like a crazy woman to prepare for being a slug for the next couple of weeks. Eryn was fine at their house while I was gone. Being spoiled watching her favorite movie and coloring was like Heaven to her!

Then, we went to the park and the fun really began! The tantrums were glorious. She wanted juice (which she had all ready finished). Since I had none, she started screaming for juice. That didn't seem to get anywhere so she decided to go Mom to Mom asking for juice from random people at the park! I just about died when I realized she was panhandling to try to get juice! Who lets their kids do that? Apparently, I do.

Eryn also managed to convince a total stranger to put her onto the swings (after I told her no). I had to go over and take her off and explain to the lady that she'll fall off when she decides to let go and "fly on the wings" as she calls it. So, another tantrum then ensued.

I went to the car and got the bubbles. That was fun until she wanted a turn. After another minor fit, I gave her a turn. That only caused more tantrums because she just couldn't get the bubbles to come out. Plus, bubbles doesn't taste very good when you're thirsty either. Yes, another crying fit.

Although I am sure people at the park were wishing that we'd leave the entire time there were some high light moments. She stole a soccer ball from some girls and kicked it and ran with it a number of times in a row. (Now we need to get a soccer ball.) She did manage to share fruit loops with Colton and take turns with the bubbles with him.

Eryn seemed to enjoy her last day as an only child over all. As I am writing this she's soaking in a bubble bath with Daddy playing his guitar for her to sing to. Spoiled? Yes. I look forward to many more days of spoiling her with love and things that she likes. That is, as long as she stops begging strangers for juice!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers' Influence

There are a number of men who've helped to influence me in my life, but these 3 are the Dads that have had the most effect on me. My Father-In-Law, my Husband, and my own Dad are going to be a little embarrassed reading this as I smother them with compliments (but that's ok)!

Mike, my husband, has the patience of a monk. I know that he does, because I have none. He's always willing to stick out a tantrum just that little bit longer and gets better results for not giving in! He works hard for our little family everyday and is always ready to hand out big hugs when he comes home (no matter how exhausted he is).
Friday night he brought home a kids movie to watch and popped popcorn for our family movie night. Eryn was so excited to have popcorn with Dad and sat on the couch next to him the entire time! His love for our me and our girls is so touching to me.

My Father-In-Law Mark has a very strange sense of humor that I seem to click with more than anything. He loves to throw out random complaints about gravy and broccoli at dinner, a snide comment here and there, and never misses a chance to pick his nose for a laugh (of just because he feels the need)! He's a man who's been through a lot in his life and has managed to keep on going.
Endurance is the strongest trait that comes to my mind when I think of him. He once said to me that, "If you don't laugh from time to time, you'll just cry all of the time!" How true that is. Sometimes it's really the only way to look up from the rock you're stuck under and keep going.

Finally, there's my Dad David. I saved him for last since he's been my Dad far longer than the others have been in my life. There's so much to say, so hopefully I can organize my thoughts so that other people make sense of it too.

I spent much of my early childhood thinking that my Dad was Hawk Eye from MASH. In many ways he was Captain Pierce to me. He sort of looked like him, everyone at the hospital he works at knows and likes him, he has a strange ability to make odd situation funny (or at least make some random comment to lighten the mood), and he always seemed to make things work out somehow in the end.

For many years I was his lovely assistant in family history libraries, court houses, and cemeteries in at least 3 different states. I learned to help people along the way. Fixing copy machines, winding film reels for fragile old ladies, and shelving books were just a few of the tasks that I took on. As much as I would have rather been playing outside or lounging around on a Saturday when I was younger, I know that the love that I have for people who are trying to unite their families through family history (or by just spending time with them) was a love that I had to learn by example.

I guess that over all the greatest lesson that I have learned from the many fathers in my life is that being there and spending time with your family is what we remember the most. The family vacations might not be as glorious as we planned out, but we remember going on them. The family nights might not be the grand events that we anticipated, but we remember them because we had them. The fathers that we have might not be the great super heroes to the rest of the world, but they are to us because they are there whenever we need them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pregnant Pictures

For those of you who've been looking forward to super huge fat and pregnant pictures of me... You're going to be disappointed! I am full term and ready to have my baby in 6 days. I might not look that pregnant, but oh man do I feel it! I've been miserable this entire pregnancy. Looks can definitely be deceiving and I am (barely) walking proof of that!

Now Eryn wants to pose for pictures and be cute!

My belly button is visible in this picture! Hot, huh?

Oh Baby!

It's official... I'm the only pregnant one left in my family! First, my Brother-In-Law Jeremy's wife Kara had their baby boy on May 9th. Then my Brother-In-Law Sam's wife Chelsie had their baby girl around 2:30 this morning.

Only 6 more days to go!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Closet Treasures

What more is there to say really? She found these while I was cleaning through my closet this week and fell madly in love with them! I wasn't surprised in the least! I was glad to see that she was able to have so much fun with a pair of shoes I managed to wear one time.

Update (for Justin): These shoes were purchased for Mike's sister's wedding last year.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yummm, Carrots!

Eryn's been really excited about eating carrots lately. We had some with our lunch today. Then, about an hour later... She was randomly eating another carrot! I thought that she'd eaten them all. I asked her where she got the carrot from. "My pocket!" was her answer.

This prompted her first ever pocket search by Mommy. I also found a penny, lint, and an unpopped popcorn kernel. So, of all that was there, at least she was eating the carrot!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My 2 Week Notice

No, no one is quitting their jobs at this time. In fact, my job as a Mom is about to double! Today marks 2 weeks until my 2nd baby girl is born.

To celebrate the event I painted Eryn's toenails pink and gave her a mini manicure. I only did it because I knew she would like it. She was in Heaven! We've been coloring, playing with blocks, and singing the ABC's over and over. It's "spoil Eryn while you can" time and she's just soaking it up!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Little Photographer!

This weekend I took some family pictures for our friends Justin and Heather. They turned out really well! (Yes, more on my photographer blog to check out!)Next week I am (hopefully) taking Bridals for my Brother-In-Law's bride to be Suzie! I'm so excited to be a busy little photographer. It really helps to keep my mind off of being pregnant and all of the anticipation of what's to come.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day O Fun

Mike was able to sleep in for a little while today! (We went to go pick up a car for work so he didn't have to leave as early as normal which was very nice!) That would have been a great start to a good day normally, BUT...

Eryn came in at 6:30 (yes, not sleeping in) and was ready to get her day started. She had some "nummy chocolate milk" and watched some early morning news with me down stairs. We came back upstairs and she said that her tummy hurt. In one glorious move she decorated nearly our entire bedroom floor with stinky chunky chocolate milk.

So, Mike had to get out of bed and help clean up throw up off the floor while I took care of Eryn and cleaned her up and gave her a bath. So much for sleeping in! Oh well.

I finally cleaned up the disaster in our office! After picking up over 200 envelopes, 80 blocks, around 30 cd cases, at least 4 stuffed animals, 2 camping chairs, and a guitar; I am pleased to announce that you can see that there really is a floor in here!

The highlight of the day by far is that I was able to get the propane tank exchanged for a full one and the cooking outside was able to continue! I am sure that it is because I am pregnant and cooking outside just does something amazing to food, but I would like to announce that I am more than likely breaking a personal record for number of hot dogs eaten in 1 year (that aren't Kogels)! My norm is 2, one of Memorial Day and one for the 4th of July. This year I am floating somewhere around the dozen mark and the summer is still young!