Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Party

Mike's work hosted a summer party for everyone and here are just a few pictures from it!

This year they had it at Boondocks and we enjoyed some free food, bumper boats, bounce houses, video games, the XD theater, and being together as a family.  (Even if Brooke was far too cranky!)

Bumper Boats started out ok.  Brooke didn't like it very quickly and screamed through the entire ride.  Then she screamed to go back on them.  She's such a funny little girl and never happy for very long. 

Eryn went on the boats 3 times!  Once with a friend's wife, then with me, and last with Mike.  If should could have gone again she would have!

There are a lot of games inside the arcade and mini golf there too.  The favorite was the XD Theater though. It is one of those 3D rides where you sit in a chair that moves and shakes and watch a movie screen that looks like a roller coaster.  It was really fun and Eryn was just tall enough to go on it!

The kids used their tickets for different prizes and Ian managed to get these little snakes.  He was spitting and making them fight.  It was hilarious!  It's amazing how different he is than his sisters and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

Between all of the rides and tokens that we used we had a blast and decided that we definitely got the company's money worth!  It was crazy how much it would have cost us to do all of these things on our own. It is really nice to be treated to something like this.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4th of July

After all of our other vacation this year, we opted out of going to the beloved Idaho Falls fireworks this year and instead went up to Tammy & Jeremy's house and enjoyed the fireworks and a BBQ with them and most of the McKay Family.  On our way up there the night before I was amazed with all of the smoke from the wildfires in the area.  While I was trying to take a picture of it this guy in a truck just wouldn't get out of my shot!  It was driving me crazy!!!!!  Then, I realized it was Chance and Sarah!

The Alpine Fire's smoke with the Draper Temple.

Ian standing up begging to get out of the play pen.

Waiting for the parade to start the girls found a puppy to play with.  (I made these tutus to take to Idaho Falls last year, but forgot them.  Up there everyone is decked out in red, white and blue stuff and dressing like this is common place.  Here, it was a little over the top, but I had lots of compliments on how cute they were!)

All of us lined up on the street.  Tammy picked a spot right at the beginning of the parade which was really smart so we could get out of there quickly!

Ian being patriotic with his little flag!

Brooke all sweaty and pouting.  She doesn't take the heat well and was cranky ALL day!

1st 4th of July with Andrew back.

It was super sunny and I was like, "Hey Grandma look into the sun and burn your corneas for a picture!"

Grandpa wore a hat, so you can almost see his eyes!

Brooke trying to get high fives from the boys.

Ready for the parade to begin!

Ian kept trying to hide from the sun.  He was covered in sun screen, but he should have had a hat.  Unfortunately his head was too big for the hats I had and I couldn't find a replacement in time.  Oops.

Grandpa up there helping keep the kids safe while they scrambled for candy.

Eryn really likes cheerleaders!

Brooke was a little freaked out by the horses!

No parade is complete without a few Disney Princesses!

My daughter the ham.

Eryn being sure that I'm taking a picture and "Belle" even closing her eyes to stay in character as the Princess she was.  I wish I knew this girl because it was probably the best picture of her from the parade.

There were a couple of classic cars, but NO Corvettes!  That's just NOT American to have a parade without a Corvette.

One of these cool off road vehicles died and had to be towed out.  It was super funny and thankfully at the end of the parade so it didn't really hold up too much.

This is probably the ONLY smile out of Brooke this day.  She LOVES swinging on the swings, it just drives the rest of us crazy.  You either don't push her high enough or you push too high and she screams.  It's insane.

Our nephew enjoying a Popsicle!  All of the month of July can be summed up in this picture.  The happiness of summer and enjoying being a kid!

Monday, July 9, 2012


The final stretch of our journey began in Iowa and it ended at our house way too early the next morning.  This is the end of the picture taking from the trip.

Ian got his first tooth in Iowa!  Good little guy never really complained about it either.

The girls fought over who could be more annoying with Angry Birds.

We visited yet another Big 10 school when we spotted the University of Iowa.  That ended up being a longer than expected side trip due to some construction, but it completed seeing 3 of the Big 10 schools on our trip.

Our vacation was very memorable with lots of things that happened and lots of things we will never forget.  Even though driving that far was a big undertaking, it was worth it and we will do it again at some point in the future.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Indiana Visit

We made a side trip on the way back to Utah and stopped in Indiana to visit Mike's Grandmother.  She was super excited to see us and especially the children.  Grandma Jeffers pulled out books of old pictures and things she's kept from over the years and I snapped a couple of pictures of some of them that stood out to me.

Mark and Judy's wedding announcement picture that was in the newspaper (she also has the actual clipping from the paper as well).

Mike and Sam when they were little.

Grandma Jeffers' Mother.  (Judy, you're going to have to comment with her name because it's slipped my mind!)

Judy (Mike's Mom) in what we think is her high school senior picture.

The picture I was really looking forward to taking.  Our kids with their Great Grandmother.  This is extra special to me because Eryn has had her picture taken with all 3 of her great grandmothers who's lives have overlapped hers.  Saddly, my grandmother passed a few years ago, but Mike still has both of his!

Our family mingled in with Uncle Scott (Judy's youngest brother on the right in the hat), Julia (Mike's cousin next to him in the black) and Scott's step daughter in the purple and son on Grandma's lap.  I tried so hard to remember names, but I'm sure I'll get them filled in soon!

Visiting her was another great bonus for driving.  It was nice for the kids to see who writes the letters, sends the birthday cards, and who we write back to from time to time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tigers vs. Yankees

I took a LOT of pictures of this event and it was difficult to thin it down to just a few.  The unfortunate side of this is that the Tigers did lose to the stinking Yankees.  The upside is that there were a lot of great players on the field and going to the game is half of the fun!

Mike getting ready to go in!  They changed the scoreboard since our last game in 05 and the video screen is HUGE now!

Game 2 of our baseball vacation and yet again it's chilly and the clouds are ready to rain.

Not every Tiger's fan is super happy about the expensive long term deal that was given to Prince Fielder this year, but since I was a kid watching his Dad play for the Tigers...  It just seemed right to see him out there.  Plus, he was awesome at the Twins game the weekend before.

Comerica Park is really one of the most beautiful ballparks around now.

Oh look who it is...

And look who struck out!

The Tigers logo on the scoreboard also changed up and this version was my favorite!

As the game was nearing it's end, we ventured down for better seats and some face time on the Jumbo Tron!     

They were pretty sure they were going to win, so it was drug out a little...

"So, guys what are you doing after this?"
"Dude, we're in Detroit.  We're going to our limos with our police escort to the hotel!"

Just like how I'm always amazed at how BIG NBA players are in real life, seeing him pretty close I was a little surprised at how much bigger he is at ground level.  Seeing the players with my own eyes and what they do when the TV cameras aren't on them is always something I look forward to at the ballpark.

Thank You Pepsi for the consolation fireworks to celebrate our loss.  It almost made me forget the stinking Yanks beat us... almost.