Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Excitement

Andrew's going to San Fernando California Korean speaking, our friends the Murphys are having a boy and a girl, BYU won yet again last night, and my little brother Sam's flights are all in order and he's coming for his vacation very soon! Yesterday was a pretty exciting day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Andrew

Little nerdy Andrew is the kid that I met so many years ago. Now, he's hopefully getting his mission call tomorrow and will be out serving the Lord somewhere soon. This was the oldest picture of him that I could find! You'll notice the date on it was August of 2003. It's hard to believe that he's grown up that much in such a few short years.


Brooke has really kicked into disgustingly adorable mode lately! She's into Peek-A-Boo and loves to pull at the bumper so she can see what's going on. She laughs and smiles like crazy and has her little angry moments, but those seem to go just as quickly as they come.

No Eryn! This is MINE!!!!!!!

I love it. I kiss it! Go Spartans!

This little one really brings so much joy to my life and a smile to my face. I'm so blessed to have her in my life. Brooke helps to bring balance to the force. She's so mellow and calm that she helps me make it through Eryn's screaming and tantrums. Brooke is like her Daddy. She helps me to relax and take things one step at a time. Moment by moment she's there to bring me comfort and I sure need it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BYU vs Air Force

We were able to go to BYU's home game against Air Force recently and I figured that I'd post a few pictures from that. Grandma was babysitting BOTH of the kids so Mike and I had the pleasure of enjoying a game without very many distractions. Plus, I was able to roam freely and take pictures without worrying about a little shadow.

I swear that Mike's Dad and littlest brother have to be the first people at the game! It's fun to pick on them about their pregame routines and traditions, but they seem to be working for the Cougars and making some great memories for the family along the way.

Like talking with Noah before the game. Great guy from a little town in OK that one of our friends is from.

This is my ad for the programs. It's got so much info about the teams that even the players read it to learn about their opponents! Ha ha.

Another pregame tradition is the fist bump with JT. I'm not sure how many 3 pointers he scored in the first half of this game, but it was a LOT! James couldn't have been happier to think that he's a good luck charm.


Elder Robert D. Hales next to Elder Samuelson (BYU Pres.), his wife, Susan W. Tanner (former YW General Pres) and her husband, and Elder Russell M. Nelson with his wife were all in attendance for this game. Elder Nelson went to the U, so he's frowning! : )

The game was quite the lopsided blow out for BYU. It was great for the fact that there was never really that stress of loosing and the players had the chance to relax a little bit and play up
to the crowd more. Big dunks and 3 pointers were flying all over the place! (You know I'm an exaggerator, but it was a pretty great game.)

Just Hanging Out

If you think that all we do is just hang out, you'd be way off! Along with reading books, art projects and coloring take up a lot of our day. Eryn is really into making stuff lately and it's been fun trying to come up with things for her to do. Her attention span is so short though that it is amazing! I finally gave in and we got out some of the paints that Grandma sent her in the mail forever ago! I'm such a mean Mom that I made her wait til she was almost 3 (the age recommend on the package)!

She did a good job painting and only tried putting the paint on as lip gloss once. I guess that it didn't taste very good or she was horrified that I'd take it away if she did it again. It has been confirmed- She's NOT a Lefty as we had initially thought. She still kicks better with her left foot though, just like her Dad.

Brooke has been having fun trying to crawl more and more. She's getting pretty fast and has 2 sharp little teeth now. She smiles and laughs at Eryn more and more each day. That's been a huge relief to me! For the first few months she was so terrified of her big sister that I thought she'd never let me put her down. It's interesting to me to see how their little relationship is forming. Brooke is blamed for a lot of things all ready that I'm sure she's innocent of and Eryn seems to get her hair pulled more and more often.

Valentine's Day

I'm probably the most unexcited about Valentine's Day married woman in the world! I have always been a firm believer in the fact that my husband and I should (and do) express our love to each other everyday. No flowers or chocolates need to be exchanged on one specific day to confess our enduring love for one another. The clothes are washed and folded and the kids are alive everyday when Daddy comes home after a long day of work.

As a parent we each make sacrifices for out children. Some of those include, but are not limited to, pink frosting and heart shaped cookies. Oh the joys of Motherhood never cease!

Brooke couldn't figure out how to get the sprinkles out of the container.

The apron didn't stop the frosting from getting all over her shirt, and face, and hair...

This is reason we did not share the cookies with friends and neighbors as originally intended. They were ALL licked.

Or had finger prints on them and bites out of them.

What a nice big sister to share with the baby!

Mom, seriously you're letting her get away with this?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a Blurb

I am trying to get some things done today so this post is just a blurb about the previous week. The car is running better, but is still causing me heartache. It's just a waiting game now to see if things are going to work so that it will pass emissions testing. The BYU vs Air Force game was a great blow out to go see! (I have pictures for later!) Over all, we are doing good, but there are still things that need to be taken care of before I can claim all is well. (Like my antibiotics being all gone for one!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend

Our Super Bowl was spent with Mike's brother Sam and his family up north. We had a great weekend hanging out, not doing much, eating a lot of food and watching TV. Sam did a few things to our car and it is running much better. Hooray for Big O Tires!
I was so sick for most of the weekend that I only took a few pictures. Shame on me, but I am still very sick and just not in the mood to play with the camera. I did discover that jalapenos on pizza can be a great thing! Since I've been so sick I can't smell or taste anything really. Eating hasn't been high on my list since it's not enjoyable. I could taste those peppers!!!!!
Sam's friend Eric noticed this interesting ad in the local paper. "You get a large cheese pizza, a large pepperoni pizza, and a large cowboy. So wait, does the cowboy deliver it?" Ha ha, I could resist mentioning this! We all laughed at it for awhile.

I was sleeping on the floor and when I looked up someone was looking down at me!

Can she look any more devious?

Exersaucer Wars!!!!!!!

These two had a lot of fun sitting up and playing with each other. Brooke couldn't keep her hands off of her 2 little teeth!

Eryn and Allie had a lot of fun playing with toys. Eryn was a good patient for Dr. Allie to treat and the both sang lots of songs into toy microphones for us.
Another week come and gone. This week I will hopefully get better and be able to work on some of my projects! He he he... I'll post pictures. For some strange reason I've had the desire to make stuff lately. I don't know why. Just bored I guess.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Utah vs BYU Game!

We were able to go to the Utah vs BYU game in Provo this last weekend. It was also Coaches for Cancer week and Nike provided the Cougars with some interesting new apperal. We told Eryn that the Cougars were wearing pink because she was there. She LOVED the pink! We went with a bunch of family and had a great time cheering on BYU to a victory over their rival the Utah Utes.

Eryn couldn't take her eyes off of the cheerleaders or the basketball players long enough to have her picture taken.

Nice shoes, huh? This was probably my favorite picture of the day. The rest of him just threw in a great shot from behind the arch.

Elder Bednar was there with his wife and President Samuelson with his wife.

The tip went to the Utes, but the first points and the game went to the Cougars!

There were a few nail bitting moments in the game.

Mike had fun putting his hat on Eryn and she'd freak out that it was messing up her hair and distracting her from the game.
She was begging for soda.

After the game we went to the Victory Bell and Eryn had the chance to have her picture with Cosmo. I was mad that it didn't turn out very good! It's super dark right there and I had like 3 seconds to take a picture. At least she was looking.