Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Part 3- The Reception

The reception was a lot of us all just sort of hanging out, having some cake, and watching a few of our family members go crazy on the dance floor!

My loyal babysitters!

Allie was waiting for her Prince to come by the castle and rescue her!

Eryn had fun doing flips for everyone!
Mike Mom was in Heaven with the 3 new grand babies! Brooke was happy just to take off her bow and hang out with Grandma.

The trampoline was a popular place!
Yet another attempt at a family picture... We're going to have to give up until Thanksgiving I think!

Part 2 of Ryan's Wedding

The lunch-in went very well. The food was good and the air conditioning was sure enjoyable!

My Brother-In-Law Ryan with his 2 best friends.

I couldn't resist being a little artsy fartsy!

Eryn had fun playing in the big mirrors and watching herself run away!

Then we took a few family pictures.

It's really hard with a 1 month old and a 2 yr old! Brooke's blowing spit bubbles and Eryn's being held in Mommy's Kung Fu Death Grip!

Wedding Day- Part 1

I have so many pictures to go through still that I decided to break up our long weekend just to get something put on here so show my faithful blog followers!
Mike's brother Ryan was married on Saturday in the Draper Temple. It was a very nice ceremony that Suzie's grandfather administered. This post is just some of the pictures from that day. These are my favorite pictures from our time at the temple.
We decided to let the couple know what it would be like to have 4 babies at 1 time! They were just a little bit horrified!
Little out of order, but this is them coming out of the temple.
She still isn't much for posing, but did have a lot of fun!
Fun in the flowers and in the mud.
My Sister-In-Law Sarah and her husband Chance. (Both glad that their wedding stress was over in December!)
Aunt Tammy took over my Mommy duties so I could take pictures.
Our niece Shaylie. 6 days older than Brooke and nearly twice the size!
Her sister Allie.
Rounding out the cousins Mike is showing off Curtis our one and only nephew!
Oh course, Eryn had to get in some attention from Daddy after seeing him holding someone else!
The entire family. 2 Grandparents, their 9 kids, 6 spouses, 5 grand kids, a uncle and great grandma thrown in there too!
The Draper Temple. (Mike's money shot! Soon to appear on's temple site page no doubt!)

Like I said before there are more pictures to come. We had a lunch-in and a reception later that day. Then, the next day Sunday the 26th we blessed Brooke. Lots still to do and with everything else that I have to take care of blogging and pictures have had to take a back burner.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Lost Family

On Saturday, Eryn and Mike went swimming again with Justin and Colton. (Justin works with Mike and Eryn's in love with their son Colton!) They all had a lot of fun together. Eryn is becoming more and more daring with each trip to the pool. This time daddy let her jump in water that was over her head and then float/doggy paddle her way back to the top. I am not sure I would be able to watch this without freaking out, so for now Mike takes her to the pool and I stay home.

Later that day, we went to my cousin Christy's wedding reception. Yes, they are the long lost family that I have. They live out here but I barely ever see them! They were all excited to see Brooke (before my parents) and Eryn too. It was nice to have a quick visit that was centered around a happy event and a BIG CAKE!

Christy and her new husband Eric

Janis (my Dad's cousin) and Dan (her husband)

My Dad's little sister Gwen with her husband and their 4 kids! Yes, shorts and Tevas are standard wedding reception apparel for our family! : )

I couldn't resist the little flower girls climbing up the waterfall!

Eryn didn't want to take a break from eating her cake to get her picture taken. She had a lot of fun running around and playing in the sandbox with the other kids!

Brooke cried ALL DAY that day. This was one of the few moments when she took a break from that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mommy's Helper

Eryn is still wearing her fruit loop necklace from church and trying to get Brooke to eat it too!

Since she wasn't interested in eating... She must be ready for sleeping!
Eryn has been such a good helper with so many things. She's really good about telling me when the "Baby Sister crying!" and she really likes putting the laundry in the washer and dryer with me.
However, she's no good at blogging for me. The ABC's are getting better though. Now when she sings it there aren't 4 O's in the middle.
I have realized that Brooke's desire to be held ALL OF THE TIME is more than likely a survival technique. She's just the tiniest bit afraid of her overly helpful older sister! You'd probably be too if you saw Eryn coming at you all of the time to kiss you, comb your barely there hair with a hard plastic comb, or heard her screaming Popcorn Popping about an inch from your face!
I am just glad that Eryn loves her baby sister so much!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mike's Long Day at Work

Yesterday Mike went down to Moab for work. After being there a little bit, he got the call that a car that had been impounded in Tuba City, AZ for the past 3 months was finally released. So he drove another 4 hours down there to get it. He was gone ALL day and managed to drive (round trip) 875 miles or the equivilent of driving from our house to San Fransisco + 90 miles! It's a good thing that he likes driving and exploring or it would have been a very rough day at the office. It didn't hurt that he had his iPod with him to plug into the car and enjoy his music without complaints from from Eryn to turn on Taylor Swift! He hade to drive straight through a lot of places and didn't get to stop as often as he would have liked along the way to take pictures, but he managed a few while he was down there. It is pretty clear why we fight over who gets the camera from time to time. : )

We are planning to take a day together down there and we'll spend some more time seeing the sights!

Monument Valley

This picture made me jealous that I didn't get to go on his road trip with him!

This rock below is called El Capitan (Agathla in Navajo) and lies between Monument Valley and Kayenta, AZ. It is a volcanic rock related to Shiprock in NM.
Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell.
Lake Powell

Brooke vs. Mommy & the Camera

Round 1 went to me earlier with the picture of her that's on the side of the blog. Round 2 went to her. I tried, but she wanted nothing to do with me, the camera, or the cute little tutu or wings. She just wanted her binky and to be held. The whole time I was taking these Eryn was bouncing in and out of the room with the other set of wings on screaming that she was Tinkerbell. I was just a tiny bit frustrated!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Our 4th of July went pretty well this year. No fireworks for us this year. Brooke's just a little bit to little and I was just a little bit to tired to try to chase Eryn around waiting for hours for 30 minutes of entertainment. Our celebration of America's Birthday still had lots of events.

I started the day taking family picture for my friend's family this morning and was rewarded with some ice cold Coke and cash! Probably the 2 best things in the world next to my girls.

Then, it was off to Grandma's house for some quality family time. While driving to Grandma's house Eryn pointed out "Grandma's Wal-Mart" as we drove past it. Mike and I were both totally shocked! How did she know that was the Wal-Mart that she shops at? I discovered later that the day Brooke was born Grandma took her there. How does a 2 year old remember this stuff? Amazing!

Eryn had fun with Grandpa splashing her!

After basketball Chance feel asleep on the stairs. I was jealous he was sleeping and not me!
Grandma McCorristin's Heaven! Curtis, Shaylie, and Brooke. I know I'm biased to think my baby is the cutest, but seriously... Look at that smile!

I tried for a picture with all of the grandchildren, but Eryn was bad and my patience and pain medicine had both run out!