Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heavy Rains ONLY at Our House!

So for the past few nights Mike and I have noticed that there have been very heavy rains. Yet, the weather man never mentioned any rain that significant in the forecast or in the precipitation counts. We thought that was odd.

I was awoken by one of those heavy rain storms at 3:30 am. I could hardly see out of the window the water was coming down so hard. My neighbor was just getting home from her 3rd shift job. She pulled into her parking space and got out of the car not trying to hurray and get out of the rain, but starring at our house in awe. All right, time to go see what’s going on!

Yes, it was raining. No it was not from Heaven… it was from Old Faithful in my front lawn! One of the sprinkler heads had broken and there was massive water pressure shooting all of the way up to the bottom side of our roof and then down into the window well for the basement.

I quickly grabbed one of the snow shovels that my other neighbors were so gracious to leave on the porch well beyond snow season and went to work. I deflected the fire hose worthy flow into the parking lot. The entire time I was getting a free shower of the coldest water that I have ever suffered through. That went on for about 10 minutes.

All of that water flooded the basement. At least it only got the insulation and the concrete wet. The one advantage to having an unfinished basement was that there wasn’t much to clean up. I changed my clothes and crawled back into bed. I cuddled up next to Mike who was sound asleep and tried to rid myself of the bone chilling cold.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Zoo Pictures!

We had a family trip to the zoo this weekend. It was fun to go with Mike's family to the zoo. There were McCorristin's all over the place. All running around free from their cages! Eryn had a better time this year than last. She was old enough to get excited about the animals and to run free of the stroller with Daddy or Mommy about a step behind her.

Eryn screamed at most of the animals. The lemurs screamed back and that was exciting. She loved the meerkats! Little Timons running around made her really happy. Mike had the most fun chasing her and dealing with me playing switch the lens on the camera a hundred times. I liked being able to see how happy Eryn was when she was free of the stroller and could discover on her own.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Website Update

So, I have been going crazy trying to figure out code and computer programing and it is finally paying off! My Photoshop and Coke have helped a lot too. Things are finally coming together and I might have my official company website going on time!

It does look like an advertisement for our family and especially Tammy, but that's ok. I have to work with free models! I will also be able to update and make changes as I go so that I can phase out some of Tammy and introduce more of Andrew! (Yes, those senior pictures are just around the corner!)

I am a little worried that I am not good enough and that my camera might not be good enough, but I am fighting through it. I have to start somewhere. If I want the bigger camera with the cooler stuff I have to make some money first to pay for it!

Happy Birthday to my Mommy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Present!

Eryn decided that she is going to brush her own teeth now! That was her Mother's Day present to me. I don't have to be bitten by her using the little baby tooth brush that I stick on the end of my finger anymore!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering...she IS left-handed.

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's a Pink Nightmare!

Mike and I painted Eryn's room pink this weekend! She is super happy to have such a girly room. Mike had to paint a few sports logos on against my wishes. BUT, in the end they look very nice and I think that it was a good idea. Here are a few pictures of our work!