Friday, April 24, 2009

The Jazz vs. Lakers

Mike and I didn't make it to a regular season Jazz game this year. We were starting to get a little bummed since it would have been the first time in 6 years, BUT Mike picked up a pair of tickets for the playoffs! We left Eryn with Grandma and Grandpa and we went to the game without her. It was a late game and a very late night. She NEVER would have made it. I'm happy to say that the game was amazing! It was very back and forth with a lot of excitement and fast moving kept everyone on the edges of their seats or on their feet.

The TNT crew with Reggie Miller (former Indiana Pacer).

Even though Boozer was a blur running past, I liked the Playoffs banner behind him.

Kyle Korver

The guys in line for their warm up shots.

Matt Harpring looked a little out of it before the game.

Boozer had his Williams at his back and they were a good team last night.

Gasol from the Lakers .

Kobe made strange faces while warming up...

Derek Fisher was sharing the love with his former teammates.

The Lakers won the tip, then tipped it to AK and then he threw it out of bounds. Tough start to the game.

Pulling our usual go down to the court and move up to our seats eventually, we sat in a row of Real Salt Lake players. Mike sat right next to Clint Mathis! He was on the US World Cup team in 2002 and is a very well known soccer player. SUPER nice guy too. He walked past us a bunch of times to get food, drinks, and to go visit friends. Each time apologizing as he went past. Mike and I were both shocked. Mike said that he never thought that he'd be apologized to by a professional athlete that much in his life! I really didn't know what to say to him, but Mike talked with him a little bit. Now, we both want to go to some RSL games this year!

Boozer got way off the floor and threw this in over Gasol.

Eventually, the rightful owners of our hot seats came and we went up to where our tickets were. Quite a different view and a lot louder in the upper bowl.

The game went right to the last seconds and was threatening overtime. The whole arena was relieved when the Jazz won it by 2 in regulation!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Catch Up Post

Nearly a week since the last post? I know! I've been busy and I had a birthday too! Here's the fast run down of what's been going on...

Eryn sleeps in her big girl bed all night. She gets tucked in and stays there to fall asleep. She did fall out of bed last night with a loud thump and a few tears. I just put her back in bed and she stopped crying right away. I'm pretty sure that she was never really awake anyhow.

We went to all-you-can-eat meat heaven (Tucanos) for my birthday lunch (a day late)! That was very enjoyable. I had a number of cards, packages, calls, texts, and even a surprise bunch of brownies and balloons from some of my friends! Thanks again to everyone who contributed to making my birthday a nice one.

Since everyone is aware of my cake addiction, I'd like to inform you all that I ate most of my cake myself! This year it was cookies and cream (thank you Macey's).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Sheep

There are some sheep down the road from us, so I figured that I'd stop and get a few pictures of them. The sheep are very close to a very busy road in which cars zoom past going around 50 regularly. I figured they wouldn't mind me being near them for a few pictures. I'm quieter than the cars, right? I took 3 pictures and they all ran for the safety of the little barn. I felt so bad! I didn't think that they'd take off like that.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Big Girl Bed

Today we had a special delivery! No, not our new baby, the big girl bed! Eryn was so excited that she crawled up on it and even started rubbing her eyes like she was tired. She calls it her "pink bed" and loves it. Now, if only she'd stay in it at bed time... One step at a time, right?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fairy Princess

This is what Mike would look like in a pink fairy costume! Hehe...

For Eryn's birthday pictures I went for a more girly theme that I thought she'd really enjoy... I let her dress up in the fluffiest pink dress that we could find and found fairy wings for her to top it all off. She loved running around and trying to spin around and see her wings! This was a stretch for me since I'm not really into this girly cute stuff, but I knew she'd like it. The pictures turned out so well that I might have to venture into this girly world again!
Yes, there are more pictures on my photography blog! So, go check them out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Eryn's Birthday

Eryn got her first bike for her 2nd birthday this weekend! Daddy was given the job of putting it together, but Eryn had to help!

The box said "some adult assembly required." What a lie. The whole things was in a ton of little pieces and Mike had to concentrate really hard to get it together.

Eryn was so impatient she took the half of the bike that was put together and tried to ride it.
A tantrum then followed. She kept saying that she needed, "a whole bike!" It was really adorable and surprising that she knew she didn't have the finished product.

The maiden voyage (with her beloved puppy by her side)!
Costco cake! My biggest weakness...
Ready... set...
Go! She blew it out on her first try!

Eating it was the best part by far.
Then, eating it the next morning for breakfast. Yes, My daughter.

Thanks again to all who came over to celebrate with us. Eryn was glad to have friends to share her birthday with. She's had a lot of fun with her newly acquired toys and telling me how cute her new clothes are. What a girl! I was very glad that there were others to share the cake with so I didn't eat the whole thing!