Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 am blogging

I've missed the Internet so much that I'm now blogging at 2 am! Our computer had some bug and the Internet grew a mind of its own. After finally unplugging it all in frustration something finally gave way and we were able to fix the problem. It's amazing how much I rely on the Internet for things. I found myself sitting down to use the computer at least 3 or 4 times a day and then realizing that it was still broken, but still sitting there sort of bewildered thinking that it would magically fix itself. Mike magically fixed it though!

I've been busy taking pictures and trying to get pictures edited in a timely manner for people to have before the holidays. With the Internet down Photo Shop would barely run and that really slowed things up. Then, after working so hard to edit pictures, I couldn't upload them anywhere because the Internet wasn't working. Oh the frustrations! But, it's fixed now and I'm utilizing it at 2 in the morning. What else could I possibly do with Mike, Eryn, and Brooke all snoring at deafening levels?

Thanksgiving went well for the McCorristin households. We went to Mike's parents' house and had dinner there along with most of his brothers and sisters. Each year our family gets bigger and their house gets just a little bit smaller. I think that next year we should just tailgate Thanksgiving dinner at the parking lot by the football field.

I took pictures of our football game and they are on the McCorristin family blog at I realized that I didn't even take a single picture of Brooke on her first Thanksgiving. I'm a bad mother.

I can't blog at 2 in the morning without mentioning the great BYU victory earlier tonight over their arch enemies the Utah Utes. In a game that went to overtime and with a zillion penalties BYU was still able to pull out a victory by a narrow margin. The wives in our family all rejoiced knowing that their husbands would be able to be happy for yet another year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks

It's cliche, but everyone does it. So, here it is. My list of things that I'm thankful for in my life right now. It's the 3rd grade special that spells Thanksgiving. : )

Taking pictures
Nap time
Vices (like Coke)
Nap time (yes, again)
Going to bed early

Since that was so much fun here's some more random list for your reading entertainment...

My Family (Yes, all of you.)
My friends (Who are basically family.)
A husband who loves me and our girls as much as we love him!
reruns of old tv shows
sporting events
air planes

This list could go on forever, but I have other things to do today. I'm the most thankful for being able to live my life each day with the knowledge that I am protected. I have a husband who looks out of me here, a family who worries about me from a little ways away, and a Heavenly Father who is always with me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy Brooke

Brooke has been growing up fast and having lots of fun lately. She's doing the worm crawl and even ventured into the world of solid foods!

She makes the high chair look so big. Brooke's obviously not a fan of the rice cereal.

"Waiter, check please!"

I went through a bunch of little clothes and put away clothes that were too small for both of the girls last night. It's such a big task keeping up with how big they are and trying to make sure that all of the clothes that fit them are were they need to be so they can be worn. I have no idea how parents with more kids can do this!

The boxes from the basement made another appearance and I found a lot of clothes that will fit Brooke for winter. Thankfully, Eryn was a little smaller and Brooke's a little bigger, so the 9 mo winter clothes from Eryn will fit Brooke perfect in the right season! With those clothes and the new ones that her Grandmas have bought, she's taken care of for awhile.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Filling Fancy NOT Free

Recently I had a very old filling break a part and fall out. My mouth really started hurting as a result. Chewing was nearly impossible and drinking anything cold or sweet was more trouble than it was worth. Yes, it was time to fight my fear and go to the dentist.

My friend told me about a dentist office near by that was really great. I went there with my anxiety high and prepared for the worst. I found out that I not only had a broken filling, but a number of other cavities! I was devastated. To this point, I'd only had 1 in my whole lifetime. Now, I had 4. In my defense, the new cavities are located in the very deep grooves on the top of my teeth. Brushing and flossing doesn't really help those. Most people do get cavities there at some point in their lives even with proper care. I now have to try much harder to avoid drinking Coke and get used to Coke Zero. Dang it.

With a lot of gas and shots they were able to finally calm me down enough to fill in 2 of the new ones and replace my broken filling. The white composite fillings look so much nicer than the silver things of the past. (Unfortunately, they do cost more. Thank you dental insurance for helping make this all possible!) I am glad to be able to chew food now and not have massive pain. Next month they are going to fill in the other 2. I'm praying that I will be able to calm down and not need gas to allow them to fix the rest.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Princesses on Ice

Last Thursday we took Eryn to go see Disney Princesses on Ice. It was her reward for being (mostly) potty trained, an early Christmas present, and a special Mommy and Daddy with just Eryn event. Brooke stayed with some of our friends and the 3 of us ventured off to a kingdom far far away...

Before it started Eryn had to go down to get a closer look. "Where are the Princesses Mommy?"
We arrived early and she was really being rotten.

Instead of getting her the $20 toy she wanted, she got a $4 Sprite and was happy.

Tinkerbell came out and touched each of the princesses' items to bring the magic to life. (Cinderella's slipper, Sleeping beauty's spindle, etc.)

The costumes were great!

Eryn's favorite are Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. This was my favorite picture of the event!

Eryn refers to each villain as the "bad lady."

Even though she's never seen Snow White Eryn followed the story surprisingly well.

The Beauty and the Beast story was the shortest of all.

Eryn's favorites!
Them too!

At the end they all came out with white and gold dresses on and danced together with their princess. Eryn liked that the most and said that they were, "Get married in da big temple!" Thank you Disney for helping support that idea of wearing white for your happily ever after.
Tinkerbell was someone that Eryn kept asking to see, so I was REALLY glad that she was there too!
Eryn was really good through most of the show. She did have a hard time for awhile and then I realized that she needed to go potty, but didn't want to miss anything. I convinced her that they paused it while she went potty and she believed me. She did want to go down and dance with the princesses and sing with them, so it was a little hard for her to stay in her seat. It was totally worth it when the lights when down, Tinkerbell came out, and Eryn let out a very happy squeal and her face was plastered with the biggest smile I've ever seen!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picture Day

On Thursday Mike had the day off! I had fun dragging him and the girls around to 4 different temples so that I could play photographer while the weather is warm and the sun it out. They sure love me to endure my antics. It was a lot of fun for me and I did get a few really great pictures out of it!

Eryn always finds trouble. Her puppy is that blob of road kill there on the right. He was supposed to stay in the car, but apparently he had to come out and play dead for us.

Seriously Mom? The camera even in the car?

Brooke LOVES sticking her tongue out now!

She thinks it's funny!

Eryn had fun playing in the fountains.

Then trying to be all cute like she never did anything she wasn't supposed to do.
How far can this thing go out anyways?

Eryn tried to break into the Ogden Temple!

Eryn did manage to get into 2 of the temple that we went to. She needed to go potty at Mt. Timp and at Oquirh Mountain. Sneaky little girl! She was so excited to see the temples and just kept blabbering on and on about getting married, all of her aunts and uncles weddings, and pretty dresses!

Playing Outside, in November?

I didn't think it was possible, but we've been playing outside in November! It's been really warm and sunny lately and we've been trying to take full advantage of it. While we were at our little playground the other day Eryn kept playing on the rocks. How can a rock be fun? When you're name is Eryn you can make ANYTHING fun! Watch and see...

Sitting isn't very fun. Hmmm...
Let's see here...
Oh yeah...

The rock jumping continued for about another 10 minutes and then it was time to go into the house for Brooke's nap time. She did play on the playground toy for a little while, but when you go down plastic slides with fuzzy fleece on you get shocked A LOT! Hence, the creativity in playing with a rock.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blah Day

Today started early. Eryn was up an hour earlier than normal and I had a migraine. She was content to watch Elmo this morning and be relatively quiet for me. We went to play at the playground as a reward for her being quiet and letting me squish my head in between pillows for another hour.

Later this afternoon, Eryn asked if she could take a nap! Like I was going to say no to that? What a sweet girl she can be sometimes.

Brooke was pooped out all day. Her nose has been stuffy and she's been sleeping a lot lately. She's not sick thankfully, but she was extra mellow today. Her naps matched mine and Eryn's.

For feeling like I was hit in the head with a semi-truck today has turned out to be a blah, but tolerable day thanks to my understanding little ones!