Monday, June 24, 2013


Once upon a time my parents told me that I couldn't have my ears pierced until I was 18.  Then, it was until I was 16.  I'd talked them down to 12 and then something magical happened.  My Grandmother bought me a fancy nice pair of earrings for my birthday and I did not have my ears pierced.  Fearing that I'd offend my grandmother by not wearing the lovely gift I was given, my parents promptly took me in and I had my ears pierced just after I turned 10. 

A few of my nieces have had their ears pierced and I've sort of put it off.  It's more work for the parents then most people think it will be and it's actually quite expensive given the cost of everything including a bunch of earrings to wear later!  Mike and I talked about it and decided that when she started asking for it and when we thought she would be ready for the responsibility of it, we would give in and do it.

We'd promised her that we would do let her have her ears pierced.  Then, like any good set of parents would, we delayed and put it off and made excuses because WE just weren't quite ready yet!  Low and behold, the waiting period is over and the ears now have sparkly little pink diamonds stuck in them.  She was super excited and did a really good job listening, holding still, and being brave! 

The nervous anxious smile...

the marker dots to place it in the right spot.

She took this big anticipation breath and it totally reminded me of myself when they take blood!

The finished product!  There will be many more pictures of her with her new earrings in the future.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Someone Had a Birthday

It's only a little late, but better late than never, right?  Ha ha!  I finally found the pictures from Eryn's birthday!!!!  They managed to get copied into a folder and since there was all ready images with the same numbers on them they became images with the names like "IMG_8725 (2)" which made them hard to find and camouflaged them with the others so well that I was convinced that I'd lost them.  Finally, I got lucky and found them while searching for something else!

Prepare yourselves for the Pink Nightmare...   

The birthday girl.

The sparkly super pink cake she wanted.

More than anything she wanted her cousins to come over and play and make bracelets with her!  She really love to make things.

The candles bring out the glittery sparkles on the cake better than I'd expected.

I tried to make a cake that was white, light pink, and dark pink so that it faded into the color.  It photographed a little red on the bottom, but it looked really great!

The little sisters made some bracelets too.  The older girls were pink and sparkly and the younger ones were purple and sparkly.

Pretty easy craft that wasn't very expensive either.  Thank you Pinterest!  Here's a link if you'd like to try making one yourself.

1 year older and about 10 years bossier!  Ha ha.  I'm so proud of my little stinker who reminds me all the time of what's great and terrible in myself all at the same time.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Stay At Home Mom No More

I apologize to my few, but faithful, blog readers who has been struggling with the same post on here for far too long.  This time, I'm not just too busy with life, but seriously too busy with everything!!!!!!!  Ha ha.

The end of April and the start of May brought forth a transition from my "Stay At Home Mom" status to "Working Mom."  Yep, I have reentered the work force!

I was hesitant to announce it or make much of a big deal about it, because the few people I had told seemed to give me such mixed responses.  Everyone has different reasons for wanting a job and just supporting a choice of someone to seek and obtain one is the best route.  No need to question why a person would want a job.  For me, I wanted a job to be able to contribute to our family, to society, and to my skills and abilities to have a job in case the time would ever come that I was needed to be relied on as a source of income.  Brushing up my skills on the computer and in interviews was important and now having a job and doing my very best at it are also important.

After a bump in the road with weird scheduling for training, I am now settling into my normal schedule for work and family life, mixed in with a little photography on the side!  Staying busy and productive is a big part of who I am.  Many women are content to stay at home with the children and not have a job outside the home (and that's great, I did it for 6 years), but I just needed the change.  The social outlet, the going out of my comfort zone, and the learning of new things with all the drama and excitement that come with it are reason enough for me!