Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun Times

Here is a random mix of what's been going on in our crazy household lately.

Signs that potty training could be coming faster than I had previously thought...

How can you get Eryn to actually look at the camera? Put her in front of a mirror! That girl LOVES to look at herself and make faces in the mirror! Reminds me of someone I know... MY DAD! Ha ha. I'll claim this strange behavior as from my side of the family. Face making in the mirror can be loads of fun!

Eryn has really advanced in her "castle building" skills. She's now building a base and understanding that the bigger it is at the bottom the taller you can make it before it falls over. Simple physics, but I was super proud of her for realizing this connection on her own the other day!

Brooke THROWS TANTRUMS! I NEVER thought that my sweet little baby would turn into a screaming monster like her sister, but it has happened. Eryn likes to provoke it (as any older sister would) and then they BOTH get into trouble for the yelling. I have noticed that Brooke will randomly start screaming if she's mad at Eryn regardless if Eryn wasn't even in the same room in a last ditched effort to get her big sister into trouble. Drama, drama, drama...

While on the computer I can usually look down and see this sight. Little girls begging for my attention!
The do play nice together most of the time.

We have our good days and our bad days, but the days keep coming ready or not! Eryn has been asking if she can go to school. She sees a million and one back to school ads on tv and is starting to realize that school is a thing for "big kids" and she thinks of herself as a big kid, so she's a little conflicted. Pre-school for the public school in our district doesn't start for her until next year.
Sorry we've been so long in between posts! Hopefully some exciting worth while events will crop up and require more interesting posts.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Impromptu Make Over

If you look closely you'll notice that there is a lovely shade of blue eye shadow (more on the left eye than the right), some lip stick, and a couple of blobs of mascara just below her eye brows. Doesn't she look beautiful?

As we walked into JCPenney I was distracted by a table of shirts that were super messy and as a result of years of retail experience (and a mild case of OCD) I had to stop to fold a couple of shirts. They have recently remodeled the make up area to include a brand called Sephoria and a number of testers that are somewhat low to the ground.

Mommy was distracted, so the curious 3 yr old figured out a way to take advantage of the opportunity! She darted over to the make up and in about 3 seconds helped herself to a number of products and managed to catch my attention as she was looking in a small mirror blowing herself a kiss.

Most moms would probably be like, "Oh how cute!" I was horrified!!!!!!! How does she know what to do with all of this stuff? I hardly ever put make up on and much less do so in front of her. I think that now I will have to hide the small amount of make up that I have at home in order to preserve it from future fun.

Whenever one of the children does something that we're not proud of we blame the other parent. I certainly can't blame Mike for her ability to put on make up, but she didn't get it from me either... Who's kid is she? Ha ha. I have a very firm belief that children come with their own little personalities and character traits at birth. This must be one of hers! Girly enough to instinctively know what to do with make up... *Sigh* I have daughters because I have no clue what to do with them!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Waiting For Daddy

Since I knew ahead of time that we'd have some time to kill while waiting for Mike the other day, I planned ahead! We took some bubbles and stopped at a little enclosed park area to play for a bit. Eryn was instantly soaked in bubble soap and refused to even look at me for fear that I would take the bubbles away. I really didn't care. It's just soap and it rinses right out anyhow. Brooke had fun walking around an picking the flowers. She is starting to become more and more independent and is now avoiding the camera as well. Why couldn't I have hams instead of camera shy divas?

Eryn was so excited to have her picture taken.

The great bug hunt!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brooke's Growing Up

Brooke has hit a few milestones recently and I realized that I missed posting a couple of them on her last bragging post! Ha ha. Here they are...

Forward facing car seat!

The last bottle EVER for her!

Disgustingly cute... Check!

Tantrums? Yep. It can be so frustrating trying to play with the shape sorter. She is usually pretty easy going, but lately if something sets her off the tantrums start. It's not very often, but they are starting to become a more frequent event.