Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This year has been crazy with it's ups and downs and everything in between, but I am very glad that it is Thanksgiving this month.  I love reading and hearing the many things that people are grateful for and what they are really blessed with.

I've laughed a little at my friends who are thankful for bacon, and cringed a little when someone I know is thankful for pain meds (because I know they're in need of them), and sighed in relief for a friend who is thankful for her first world problems (vs. 3rd world problems like starvation and no drinking water).

It's a little cliche to be thankful for family and friends, but I am.  I know that without the people who truly love me in my life, it wouldn't be worth living.  With that said, I am also thankful for bacon, aspirin  and bottled water.

Plus, all of my blog stalkers will be thankful once the holidays really get underway and I start posting some stuff on here!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fair Well October

It's time to say Good Bye to October and really jump into the holidays!  The kids enjoyed Halloween and the candy and fun that comes along with being sugar buzzed and adored for how "cute" you are.  Mike and I enjoy the fact that it's now OVER and we can really start focusing on family and the holidays that really mean more to us.