Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obviously Related

As every parent does I started comparing pictures of the little ones from when they were born and remembering each entering the world and how different everything was.

Our babies look very much alike right from the start. Their personalities totally different, but wow they sure are obviously related!



It's not just the same outfit with that amazing hat that makes them look the same! I swear they all have the exact same nose (and thank goodness it's not mine!).

Even though I didn't post a set by step of every moment through the surgery and all of the fun in the hospital I had with giving birth to Ian, I'll let you know that it was an interesting experience. I wasn't nearly as crazy from the medications and much calmer in general with things this 3rd time around. My doctor and Ian's pediatricians were all very helpful and understanding through everything. The whole event seemed to go pretty smoothly and recovery started quickly, but will take a lot longer this time. I'm bruised up, swollen, and super sore. Worth it? Of course.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ian Maximus

Ian Maximus McCorristin. Born 08-17-2011.

Valerie and her son.

Aunt Sarah came to visit

Proud papa!

Grandpa McCorristin

Grandma McCorristin

Whole family together

Cousin Curtis came for the cookies...and to see Ian

Brooke not sure of him

Eryn loves her little brother

Ready to go home!

Ian had to stay an extra day to make sure he started eating more. He was a little tongue-tied so the doctor clipped it which has helped him eat a lot more. We are home now and resting. Thanks to all who visited, called, and thought of us. It has been really exciting to welcome Ian into the family.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost There

After excruciating back pain and a couple rounds of either food poisoning or a random flu bug that's been going around I am pleased to say that I'M ALMOST THERE! A few more days and our little boy will be joining our family.

I know that giving birth is just the beginning to a whole different set of challenges, aches, pains, and sleepless nights, but seriously... I've done it before and having the baby in your arms makes all of that extra stuff tolerable. While you're pregnant and miserable you just have to keep praying that it will be over soon.

My appreciation goes out to all of those who have helped me out in so many ways so far and to those who will be there to help over the next couple of weeks. As much as I want to claim I can do everything on my own, I can't. I can only try and then turn to those around me for the extra push in the right direction or whatever else it is that I need.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is a funny video of Brooke getting stuck in the hamper. It's amazing how fast everything is alright when she realizes the camera is on her. So cute!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Party

Mike's work had a big summer party with a BBQ, water slides, a petting zoo trip, and a theater for just us to watch the last Harry Potter movie. It was great to be able to take the kids with us to a movie and (even though they jabbered a lot and had to go potty 4 times) we were able to be together as a family all day.

Eryn's favorite of the day was the water slides.

Brooke was ok with wearing a swimsuit, but would not have anything to do with the slides or getting wet.

Brooke LOVED the animals at the farm petting zoo.
Obviously MY daughter. She walks right over to the big cow statue and says, "Pretty cow!" and pets it. She was super excited to go outside and see the real ones.

The girls were able to ride the ponies!
We tried to help Brooke because she's so small.
But, the kid took to it and didn't want any help. Natural cowgirl!
I think she was even shouting at the pony to go faster.
My favorite of the trip to the farm. Ahhhhhh, so cute!

I'm so glad that Mike is able to work for a company that hosts fun family events like this! We all needed a day together and each of us had something special to enjoy throughout the day.