Monday, September 29, 2008

New Fonts

My Sister-In-Law told me about this site to get new fonts from. There are a lot of handwriting and scrapbook looking fonts that are, "really cute!" (Yes, that's a direct quote!) There are a few in there that I really like. I just thought that I'd share the site with anybody who might read this. There is a way to magically install it into windows, photo shop, and even using html codes change all of the fonts on your blogs! (People just have to have those fonts on their computers to see what your blog really looks like though.)

Family Get Together

Eryn had fun hanging out with her cousin and running away from her Uncle James!
I got some great pictures of Josh playing his bass.

Tammy was busy teaching Allie to be "Sassy!" They're puckering up for some smooches!

Eryn got in touch with her Hollywood Glam side...

The cousins with the sisters!

We had a family get together on Sunday at Mike's parent's house. There was only one of his siblings missing (he and his wife now live in AZ). Needless to say, it was a crazy mad house around there! It was good to have a quick visit before everything turns into wedding events and parties for the holidays.

Oh, I am so not ready for the year to end! It all happens so fast. Birthday cakes, presents, turkeys, visits from family, cookies, presents, gingerbread houses, presents, and now a wedding is going to be in the mix again too! At least there will be a lot of great food along the way and did I mention presents?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Trip to the Circus

Ready for the Circus to get started!

It was a family event, so we went with some of our family!

I decided that they do everything they can to make your pictures not turn out! Curse them!

Eryn was really excited to see the elephants!

Us at the Circus

Uncle Sam loved his new elephants...

But, he had to check them thoroughly! Haha, gross!

The Tigers were affectionately called, "Da Cougars!"

I never would have thought that Eryn would have had such a good time at the Circus. There was a lot of music, singing, dancing, and tons of lights and colors for her to enjoy and get really excited about. She was literally jumping off of our laps through all most the entire thing! The best part of it all... My Sister-In-Law was able to get us in for FREE! You just can't beat that!

Enterprise Company Picnic and Softball

Eryn made a lot of friends in the bouncy house!
Totally genuine smile!!!!!

And yes, dancing to the music even when nobody else was around.

Eryn having a Gator-Aid break with her Daddy!

Back to the bouncy house! Getting her out of that wasn't fun at all!

This dinosaur needed some serious dental work! The electrical tape won't hold forever!

Eryn got a balloon and to see her friend Brianna.

This was the only look I got from her! "Um, strange lady... you are way too close to me with that camera!"

Saturday was the Enterprise Company Picnic and Softball games to end the Summer with a bang. The weather was nice, the food was pretty good, and there were Coke products floating in tubs of ice! All of which are very important to making any event great. It didn't hurt either that while Mike was busy playing softball there were other people for me to talk with and things for Eryn to enjoy!

(Related, yet unrelated note: The first weekend in November would be great to take a few pictures of the B Mak family! Just send Mike a text for a set time and place.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play Day!

Today Eryn and I went to play with Sue and her grandson Emmett. They are basically twins who came from different parents. Eryn was more adventurous when it came to the playground equipment and Emmett was more interested in the treats!

Eryn thinks, "Hmmm, you look strangely familiar!"

Eryn loved the swings!
"Dang it, your Mom caught us!"

Cute together, aren't they?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daddy's Influence

Upon waking up from her nap in a half awake stupor Eryn started screaming. It wasn't a normal just plain yell. She was very clearly yelling, "B-Y-U! Cougars!" Every now and then I wonder if her Daddy has too much influence on her!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wyoming... Yawn...

Mike and his little girl ready for another great Cougar Victory!

Eryn had fun dancing to the music the marching band made!
Joe Glenn, Wyoming's head coach, was as clueless as UCLA's coach before the game!

I got a serious mean look from this guy!

So, what are you doing after the game? Hanging my head in shame!

Eryn's new favorite people.

She screamed really loud when the girls were in the air and they all laughed!

Ty Detmer lead the boys out onto the field!

Harvey Unga about to score a touch down!

So, what are you doing after the game? Ringing the Victory Bell!

I love the expression on the Wyoming head coach's face!

A victory almost seems too nice. It was a straight up blow out! Wyoming didn't have much to go with and seemed sort of all over the place. One thing is for sure though... BYU doesn't have much in the way of back ups to Max Hall!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bridal Vail Falls

If you imagine that Blitzen as a sexy red Corvette this picture is PERFECT!

The falls are not in focus because the flowers are!

Hiding behind the flowers is... Bridal Vail Falls!

I got this look a lot.

This one too! "Please can I get out and go swimming in the Provo River?"

Eryn and I were out and about today. We were bored with the usual trolling of the local malls, so we went outside for a nature walk in Provo Canyon. The leaves are starting to change up there and it is really beautiful. Our only problem was that Eryn wanted to run free and that just couldn't happen. She laughed and clapped a lot so I am pretty sure that she still had a good time!