Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Eryn

For those you who aren't facebook users, you've been missing a good hand full of random Eryn quotes lately. She is the queen of the unexpected and a bright and shinning example of how kids really have a mind of their own and only they know how it all fits together with the rest of the world.

- Mike was watching Independence Day with the girls the other day and when there was the destruction scenes with the ring of fire surrounding the White House Eryn says, "Look! Fire for cooking hot dogs!"

- She went on a Daddy Daughter Date with Mike to see the new Transformers movie. While watching the movie, Mike asked her, "Do you like the movie?" Her response..."I LOVE unicorns!"

- While working on the computer the other day I was bombarded with an interesting conversation that went like this...

Brooke: Mommy, I PINK!
Me: Errrrrrrrryn!
Brooke: So pretty! (As she dances around the room.)
Eryn: It wipes off with a wipe, and soap, and water, maybe a bath.

Eryn had colored her with a pink highlighter.

- She was pretending to sell ice cream to Mike and this is how it went...

Round 1:
Eryn: What can I get for you? You want two scoops?
Mike: Sure, I'll have one scoop vanilla and one scoop chocolate.
Eryn: Ok. But you have to give the vanilla to mommy.

Round 2:
Eryn: What can I get for you?
Mike: I'll have one scoop Rocky Road and one scoop Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Eryn: (While looking up in deep thought) Uh, are those ice creams?

Round 3:
Eryn: What can I get for you?
Mike: I'll have one scoop Neapolitan and one scoop Chocolate.
Eryn: (Thinking about Neapolitan) Uh, we are all out of that flavor.

Life with Eryn is never dull. She has too much energy, too much excitement, and too much love for everything around her. As challenging as she is, I wouldn't trade her or change her. I love her just the way she is. Random and out there while full of life and interest in everything.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Life and Death

As the time grows closer to my due date I'm drawn deeper and deeper into thoughts about life and death. The miracle of life is a beautiful thing. Having a baby is truly a blessed event. Living life everyday is a challenge and has to be in order to earn our way back to Heaven. Death, though bitter sweet, is a part of the process. Knowing that there is more to our souls than just this frail existence helps me to know that there is comfort even for those we have to say farewell to for awhile.

Yesterday in Sunday school we were discussing the Atonement and the Resurrection of Christ. I couldn't help but think (and even mention in class a few times) how difficult it would have been to be a disciple of Christ at the time he was crucified and see His body die and then how unbelievable it would have been to see Him alive again only a few days later. He told them it would happen, but since it had never happened before would I have believed it really was Him immediately? Having been taught to recognize Him my whole life and that He does, in fact, live still I'm certain that I would believe it now if He were to appear.

Instantly knowing, trusting, and having the faith to believe in the larger plans of our Heavenly Father is a true gift from Him. I pray that we all have the faith to fall at His feet or onto our knees and use the power and strength inside us that He has given us to keep going through our lives. We are not alone, ever.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Shower Saturday

I am having a Baby Shower on Saturday at my church building from 2-4. I did register at Target for some bedding and have acquired a bunch of clothes from a couple of friends. I mostly need bedding and toys or books that are more boy related. (Eryn's all ready worried that her brother is going to try to play with her Princess stuff.)

It should be a nice afternoon get together, so come and check it out! : )

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Could Make My Day?

What could make anyone more happy than to hear, "Mommy the ants are tickling me!"? Seriously, we were in the living room. Yep. I know that I've been a little lax on running to sweep the floor, mopping, and vacuuming (since our vacuum now hates us again), but still... I didn't think we were to the point to an invasion!

Eryn, Brooke, and I managed to kill around 40 or so ants. Then we had fun cleaning up the floor, emptying the vacuum, and after a nice little talk about why there are bugs in the house hopefully the problem will be on it's way out. I'm also going to have to buy a spray to spray around the floor boards and in the basement to help prevent any others from coming in.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Holiday

Prepare now for lots of pictures from our 4th of July celebration! We went to a parade, fireworks, and the zoo the next day all in Idaho Falls, ID. Mike grew up there and he LOVES the fireworks display they put on each year. If you've never been to a mind blowing crazy amount of explosion fireworks show before, you're missing out! This show is a huge deal and draws people from all over in record numbers each year to a relatively small town. As crazy and stressful as big crowds are it sure makes for great memories and time spent together with our little family.

The Parade

Brooke in her sun glasses.

Eryn was so excited for candy at the parade! Every time that they would throw it at her she'd run out and grab exactly 1 piece and run back to her spot with us.

Mike got a cheer from the IF Chuckers (minor league baseball team) with his hat!

Beautiful cars have to be MY favorite part of the parade.

Brooke really liked the horses. Who wouldn't when they're painted all patriotic like that?

Eryn was wheelin' and dealin' for the sucker she really wanted.

Here's the baseball team.

Mike's brother Sam and his family went up to celebrate too!

Brooke just wanted to watch the parade and not take a picture.

Other people have no problem striking poses.

Benefit of going somewhere with people you know- a picture with the whole family! (Wow, am I really THAT short?)

The Fireworks
No pictures of the actual fireworks. Sorry! I wanted to fully enjoy them and not worry about my camera and settings and all of that.

Across the Snake River is where they light the fireworks from. We managed to sit so close and catch the wind just right that pieces of debris fell on us from time to time. Eryn was not happy with that and Brooke struggled with the noise. Eventually they were ok though and enjoyed the fireworks.

Brooke and Shaylie dancing.

The glow necklaces and bracelets were a fun extra. Eryn liked it and Brooke could care less. Those two are so different sometimes that it's funny to me that they are sisters.

The Zoo

Brooke didn't last long in the stroller.

Brooke and her cousin Shaylie (6 days older than her) have their own little conversations and Brooke gets so excited to see her and spend time with her. They had a lot of fun together at the zoo looking at the animals.

These cute little guys attracted a lot of attention.

Eryn found a stage and proceeded to preform for everyone. To her credit, whatever it was she was singing was plenty loud so we could all hear it. I couldn't help but laugh when Mike pointed out the "Animal Encounters" sign behind them. Yeah, it seemed fitting.

Josh was a lot of help chasing down kids this weekend and his help oddly made me miss Andrew (Mike's brother who is on an LDS church mission) even more.

The goat thought that Brooke had food.

My favorite was when Eryn said, "Look Mom, I can brush the goat's hair and he doesn't even freak out!"

The Dads watching their kids from the safety of the other side of the fence. Ha ha. Honestly, Mike was about to die from allergies just being near those goats. The sun glasses hide the fact that both of them had super red and itchy eyes. Fun facts that Moms remember and the kids never need to know.

Eryn LOVED this water fountain. She even asked if we could have one at our house.


I have a strange strong love of birds I blame my Dad for. This trip around I really seemed interested in cranes and water fowl.

This Roseate Spoonbill laid an egg! I was so excited because I've never seen them with an egg before.

This monkey went crazy for one of the keepers who was talking with us. He jumped all over the place and even leaned up against the glass like he was going to get his back scratched. It was super funny and the girls just loved it!

Idaho Falls

Once upon a time Mike's Mom used to drive past this house and tell the kids that it was the ugliest house. I couldn't see anything wrong with it. Ha ha. Apparently, it used to be green and Judy HATES anything that is green. Amazing how a little paint might change her mind about it now.

I can hardly stand how happy she is when having Wendy's chicken nuggets. The screaming, tantrums, and general annoying behavior stops just long enough to acquire chicken nuggets and consume them.

Mike showing the girls the Snake River and the water falls that give Idaho Falls is name. Brooke kept pointing and saying, "Water!"

The LDS Temple in Idaho Falls. Every time we go up there we threaten to take some nice pictures of the temple. This year the ground were all tore up. They seem to be renovating the entire landscape of the temple grounds.

It was Brooke's nap time.

Before a nap though, it was time to go chase some ducks and geese by the river!

The girls didn't last long in the car once we started out journey home.

Mike and I were tired to, so we decided to let Slush drive.

It was a long couple of days with lots going on, but it was worth it. The girls had a lot of fun and Mike was able to see his beloved fireworks! That trip might not happen again for a couple of years, so I'm glad we did it.

Oh and for those of you who are just waiting for me to cave in and claim that I "like the van" this trip was a step in your direction. I'm not claiming I like it just yet, but it was really nice to just throw in a big cooler and a bunch of bags without even thinking about how to arrange it to make it fit. We could have taken so much more and still had plenty of room.