Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow and Resolutions

After massively clearing out the backyard this fall, I thought that we'd go play out there for the first time. Eryn had NEVER been in our backyard before. Small as it is she enjoyed playing and the fact that Mom wasn't hovering over her the whole time to keep her away from the cars. The snow was really deep and we had a lot of fun playing in it together. Snow just makes me miss Michigan. It's amazing how a few flakes and bundling up instantly made me a kid again. I hear a lot of people complain about the snow, but all I can do is smile when I see it! (Then, laugh at the people who don't know how to drive in it!)

Snow Angel attempts.

She kept eating the snow, so I had to join in!

Brooke tried some baked potatoes.

We're not sure if she liked them or not...
Resolution time is here again. Every year I claim that I'm not going to make any so I won't have any to break. This year, I've decided to attempt a couple.
My dependence on Coke Zero and other carbonated beverages has become increasingly strong. They are number one on my list to get cut down. I can't get rid of them totally, but the soda intake will be drastically cut down.
Second, Eryn seems to think that it's funny to swear. I (which means WE- Mike included) need to be more aware of what's on the TV while she's watching and be more careful with what escapes our own tongues. Not only the attention to what's said around her or heard by her, but also how to react. Personally, I can't help but smile and fight the horrible embarrassed giggle when she does it because I don't know how to respond. The cold stern glare needs to be implemented. Mike's Mom is a pro at that! I get it often enough I should be able to duplicate it.
Not a very long list, but a very important one indeed. Hopefully with a shorter list nothing will be neglected or forgotten.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I decided that it was time that my gift wrapping started to live up to the fact that I did work in gift wrapping professionally. (Little known fact, JCPenney taught me how to wrap and coordinate paper and decorations correctly.) I'd just given up worrying about it for the last few years. Studio 5 helped me with the idea for using tool (the stuff you make tutus out of) as ribbon, my Grandma C. always used to put ornaments on our packages each year, and Eryn helped me find a paper that had a small amount of pink to make it all work!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Much Lighter Notes

Since my last few posts have been pretty heavy with concerns and debates, I decided that it was time to get back to my normal "Mommy Bragging" post style. Life goes past too fast to worry every second about the "what ifs" or to try to make everyone else happy. I will just do my best to make my children's lives happy and enriched all while keeping them protected and informed of danger. (Good luck, right? HUGE jobs there!)

The girls had some quality hanging out time at Grandma & Grandpa's house. It included a LOT of spaghetti, snow, and hugs! Thanks to them for letting us get away for a little bit and for making sure the girls stay warm in the cold. : )

Another reason Grandma's house is fun... The puppy gets to go play outside too! Mom would NEVER let that happen. Mean old Mommy.

All bundled up to go play outside.

Seriously this was fun, but can you PLEASE take me back into the house where it's warm?
Eryn and Brooke have very differing opinions on the holding of the baby sister.

To avoid eating food that she doesn't like, Brooke just falls asleep.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I think that my questioning security seems to come from a few people that I've spoken to recently who seem to be very anti-Internet. It is hard to hear from people how horrible something is (with a LOT of reasons to back up what they're saying) and not question what you've known or thought before. I guess that's been what most of this has stemmed from.

That and probably too many movies and TV shows about psychos, serial killers, and stalkers. No one wants to be a victim and certainly don't want to help make it easier for some crazy to move into our lives and hurt our family.

I'm certain that I will keep blogging and posting pictures. It is sort of a journal to look back at and to think about the fun times that we have together as a family.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bread Making

This morning I decided to make a loaf of bread in my bread maker and let Eryn help. She was so excited to help with baking. She got her little apron on and jumped up on her step stool. We quickly added the few ingredients, closed the lid, pushed the button, and we were done.

What happened next, I should have guessed... "Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I wanna stir! No messy?" Then, the screaming continued for a few more minutes. Thank you bread maker for making my job easier and my migraine bigger.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Dentist Visit

We all went to the dentist this morning. Eryn went first for her cleaning and did a very very good job listening to the hygienist and the dentist. She picked out the bubble gum tooth polish and a very pink Barbie toothbrush. (No surprises there!)

Look Grandma, no cavities!
She got a prize for having no cavities and it was the little silver necklace that she's wearing. (That lasted about 3 minutes and she wanted it off so she could see it better.)
I had my other 2 fillings done today. It went better this time. Knowing that I made it through alive last time I figured that I could be a big girl and take my shots and dental work without the gas. (That and I think that the mask and other things might have scared Eryn and I had to be a good example for her!)
Mike had a cleaning this morning. Yep, no necklace prize for Daddy. He's got some cavities too! Thankfully, he's not in nearly as much pain as I was and will be able to make it for a little while longer before getting those taken care of next year.
Where's Brooke during all of this? Since she doesn't have teeth, her dentist visit was pretty fast. Ok, she didn't get much past the reception desk there she was mobbed by a couple of secretaries who fell in love with her! Eryn ran laps around the place and bounced back and forth between tvs, books, and stealing dental instruments while Mike was finishing his cleaning and they were working on me.
It's so nice to have a dentist office where they really are family oriented and it's ok for everyone to come at the same time. Even if they don't have teeth yet!

Closet Cleaning

While cleaning out my closet Eryn has helped me yet again rediscover a pair of long lost shoes. She took them and rand into the hall with her chapstick and was really quiet so I couldn't hear her. I did find her and figured that I'd share her girlyness!

"Take a picture like this. It's more cute!"

Christmas Decorating

Christmas is so much more fun when you have little ones! The joy of giving presents to them and the tender moments spent explaining about the birth of our Savior are memories that last a lifetime. They are also accompanied by a few interesting memories. (Like Grandma McCorristin's story about Michael pulling down the Christmas tree a few times so they tied it to the wall to keep it upright!) Then, there are the new memories that we make each year. This year is all ready starting out pretty special.

Eryn helping Mike set up the tree. (I'm allergic to real trees!)
"Do you like the tree puppy?"
"You'd look great right here!"

Laying under the tree and looking up at the lights is a tradition that came from Mike and his brothers and sisters.
The ornaments made it all the way down the tree this year! Eryn likes to rearrange the bulbs at the bottom, but I only put ones down there that I wasn't very worried about. She's been much better at not touching the decorations so far. I even put up the little village and that hasn't been bothered either. (Although, I have noticed that the snowman seems to mysteriously relocate himself around the village.)

The stockings are hung on the wall with care and packing tape!

Eryn and I have been making decorations since she loves coloring so much.

She also discovered glue so the snowman is glued onto the snowflake that we made.

"You lookin' at my sister?"


Brooke can sit up now (with a little help) and stay like that for quite sometime. The biggest problem is that she likes to hang upside down for some odd reason and will randomly throw her self back to try to look at the world from a different perspective! She still doesn't like to stand up or push her weight with her legs at all. Hopefully that will change soon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mommy's Surprises

Where's Brooke?
Eryn has had a difficult time sharing toys with Brooke. I'm not sure why all of the sudden the infant toys are the ONLY things that she wants to play with, but they are. I've been trying a few different things with her and this was my result. Brooke was taking a nap in her bed and Eryn gave her a bunch of toys to play with. I hear Brooke crying and Eryn saying, "I give Brooke da toys. Where you go Brooke?" I had to go in and dig through a bunch of stuffed animals to find her. Thankfully, the only one that was hard was the Elmo. I'm pretty she he hit her in the head and that's what woke her up.

My Little Mermaid.
Eryn had no problem swimming this summer and going totally under the water, but for some reason she was reluctant to lay back in the bath tub so that I could wash her hair. FINALLY she does it without screaming and seems to like it. What was the breaking point? I told her that the Little Mermaid washed her hair under the water and then she volunteered to lay back and wash her hair. Now during bath time I get to hear random quote from that movie. Her favorite is, "My poor little poopsies!" From Ursula when the eels get zapped.

On a really random side note: How do you get a 2 1/2 year old to eat a salmon patty? Answer- Spray a bunch of strong air freshener in the kitchen and tell her it's chicken.

Does becoming a parent flip the deception switch or what?