Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bragging 'Bout Brooke

Brooke had her official 1 year check up today. (It was delayed a little due to my trip to Michigan.) She is in the 20th percentile for weight and 53rd percentile for height. The doctor said that she's looking good and that everything seems to be right on track. Aside from a little dandruff problem, she is in tip top shape. Before it was flaky itchy skin and now it's flaky itchy hair. Oh well, that is treatable and she will most likely out grow it like she has the eczema.

Brooke really likes to wear hats!

Here she is modeling her cute dress from Grandpa and Grandma McCorristin for her birthday! Wow did she get a lot of attention from people at church in this. I've never heard so many, "Oh how cute!" compliments. It didn't hurt that her little shoes matched it perfectly!

She not only likes to wear hats, but the occasional bucket too...

We have no idea where this idea came from, but she screams if you take it off. It's so funny!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sewing Project

Eryn's bedding is a lovely combination of pinks and browns with sheets that have a pink and black strip pattern. Why? It was a bed in a bag set and it has bugged me for awhile that the sheets didn't really match the comforter.
So... Thanks to an idea from a neighbor I decided to make my own. I had the general idea of how to go about it and found some fabrics that matched perfect! While I was in Michigan I supervised my Mom in the sweat shop in the basement and we came up with these lovely pillow cases. She did a great job putting up with me while we were trying to put the idea into action.
They really did turn out well and the look great. Just as we were finishing Mom and I realized that we'd never done a sewing project together. Thank you to Anne for the idea to make pillow cases. She has yet again touched my life and brought my family closer together.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Shopping Sucks...
Friday was, "run around like a chicken with you head cut off" day! We went a bunch of places and did a bunch of things. It's amazing to me how much longer it takes to do anything when you have 2 small children.

You think you can just run in and get milk or something and then go pay for it and leave. Ha! Halfway to the milk someone has to go potty. So, you go to the bathroom (which is on the other side of the store ALWAYS). On the trip back to the milk you find something that you just can't resist looking at for a couple of minutes. While looking at this item, you notice that there is a strange smell coming from the smiling overly happy infant. Grrrr... Back to the bathroom. After gagging and finally making it out of the bathroom you zoom past the items that distracted you, literally RUN to the milk, grab it, turn around and in your frenzy of grab and go you slam the gallon of cold milk into the side of an all ready crack 3 year old. The ensuing tantrum draws attention and you HAVE to spend time calming her down and explaining how it was an accident. Yes, that whole time the milk was sitting out and it's now warm. Switch it out for a fresh cold one and go get at the end of the longest line in the world because it's a Friday before a holiday and by the time you pay for it the milk is now warm again. Sigh.

This is why I HATE shopping with the children.

Date Night!
Saturday was a great day! Mike and I dropped off the little ones with his parents and went to go see "Inception" on the IMAX. Oh wow! That movie was really interesting and some of the slow motion shots were so beautiful. After the movie we went up to the original Crown Burger in SLC were Adam Richmond (the guy from Man vs. Food) went when he was here in February. It was pretty amazing! The pastrami on the hamburger made it very memorable. It was a little more pricey than I had expected, but hey... We went somewhere that Man Vs Food went so it was definitely the "cool factor". Ha ha! It was wonderful to have some time alone without the little ones to be able to just enjoy being with each other.

This last week I realized that I needed to do something for myself. I've been stressed and going a little insane with the demands of Mommyhood and just the stresses of life. I'm not a runner, but I figured that trying to run/jog/walk quickly was probably a good place to start. I required no special equipment to do it and it would be nice to just get out of the house for a little while.

I went 4 of the 5 week days last week and can honestly say that it doesn't totally suck. Yeah, I'm not a fan of running or exercise really, that's no secret. I think that it's a nice break away from what I do all day everyday and my mind enjoys the freedom of the road. It's something that I am surprised to see myself doing, but at the same time I think that I am even more surprised that I can really say that it's becoming addicting. My introvert personality really likes it. I NEVER get to just be alone with 2 kids and a husband. Mike doesn't seem to mind having his alone time to watch TV or use the computer either.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Jazz Draft Day

As promised, here are a few more of the pictures from the Jazz Draft Day Party that we went to in Salt Lake.

Brooke was done waiting in line and slapped Mike. That won her a very mean look from Daddy. She cried like crazy and then they walked around together for awhile.

No clue why Eryn is making that face.

Folding chairs were fun.

The new Jazz colors and updated "throw back" logo.

When the Jazz Bear came out for the first time for the year we were right down there and Eryn gave him a big high 5! The first kid of the year to do it. : ) She wasn't even scared at all. I was really surprised, he's a mean lookin' mascot!

The Jazz Bear with Kevin James the local CBS sports guy.

Eryn had a ton of fun throwing the confetti up in the air and dancing in it. Mike didn't have as much fun doing it as she did.

The whole family went down to the floor and the girls danced around. It was super funny to watch Eryn literally dragging Brooke around!

I'm opposed to classic cars being down like this, but it was pretty interesting to look at. It was like one big sticker on the car.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Picture Update

If you're not a blog stalker of my photography blog you're missing out! Ha ha. I updated it today with a few great flower pictures from Michigan and Bobbie and Ryan's Twins! Just click on link!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Flash Drive

Oh never mind, I found my flash drive. I put it in a safe place whee I'd be sure to remember it and it wouldn't get lost. Isn't that always the guarantee to misplace something? So, when you read in the next post about it being lost, it's not now.

Michigan Trip

Here's the quick run down on my trip to Michigan. The 30 second news blurb...

Dad was listed as critical, but stable. Mom was freaked out. Sam and I were both super worried. John? Who knows what he thinks. I acquired a ticket to Flint and after a long day and a half of traveling made it to Flint. Visited with the doctors and nurses, saw a bunch of people from church, went to church, hung out with a few friend, took a few pictures, and then came home first class on a direct flight from Detroit to SLC!

Still can't get enough? There's some more story with the pictures!

My Mom just needed her most favorite daughter to come and give her BIG hugs! Oh yeah and she needed Dad to get out of the hospital.

Once he was able to be trusted with sharp objects we brought in some things to help him feel more pretty. The lilies in the back we cut from our front yard and made a lovely bouquet for him. Day Lilies don't last long as cut flowers,but it was nice to have something from home that he loves so much.
He did improve a lot while I was there. We brought him home on the 4th of July and joked about it being "Independence Day" for the nurses since they didn't have to wait on him anymore. Ha ha.
Since that was a Sunday (and I realized that I had pack zero church clothes I had to do some quick shopping.) A couple of days before went to the Salvation Army and bought a amazing pair of red leather heels and a shirt for less than $6. I was donated a sweater from my friend Kathleen to complete the outfit. I was so pleased with myself for being resourceful.

The farm that my best friend Kat lives on now.

She gave me a pony ride on this adorable little Shetland Pony. It was super funny watching me climb on the fence and literally jump onto the horse without a saddle! The sweet little horse didn't seem to mind, but was sure glad to have a treat for her suffering.

Kathleen's crazy parents are loads of fun and never too serious!

There isn't much in Rankin, but a lot of CORN! I really do love corn and cows.
We went to one of our favorite dives in Rankin called Sam's. It's an Italian place that has this appetizer called Samoritos. Basically, fried pizza dough with sauce. Soooooooo good! They now have a dessert form of them with Carmel and powdered sugar. We had to try those and ended up eating almost 2 huge plates of fried food. BOTH of us nearly died afterwards, but it was a great time and good memories from that place.
Kat and I realized that we were there while watching a lot of the Columbine shooting coverage after out golf practice. I had almost forgotten that. We both asked the same guy to homecoming our Senior year and we went there for dinner with Allen. I went there with my other best friend from high school Dan a few times too. Great place.
A few of the things I have missed seeing living in Utah...
Queen Anne's Lace.

The woodpeckers and other songs birds attacking the feeders in the backyard. (Eryn saw this picture and said, "Birds eat rice crispy treats? They are soooooo yummy!")

My brother John and his wife Marie are expecting a baby at the start of December. Both aren't a big fan of having their picture taken, but suffered through a few quick pictures for me.

Sam's dog Ella. She's a border collie and I think boxer mix. Great dog with a TON of energy!

John and his first love Abby. This dog totally HATES his wife. It's so funny to see the drama unfold of wife vs. puppy dog.

This is Bear. Mom calls him Buddy Bear. Cute dog with a good heart. John and Marie both hate him and I can see why... I think Mom and Dad like the dog better! Ha ha, just kidding!

I mean, come on? He's so cute and even smiling for the camera! I really wanted to take him home with me.

When I left Dad was still very sore, but improving constantly. He's been up and moving around, coordinating temple trips, and trying hard to put in as much time in front of the Family History as possible. My Mom is probably going insane waiting on him, but she loves him so much that deep down she really doesn't mind it for now anyhow.
I think that is the biggest idea that I was able to get out of everything with my trip to Michigan. The idea that love is something that is difficult to describe, but easy to see and feel. The pained expressions that were tossed around that hospital room will forever live in my memory. My parents love each other so much and have endured so much together over the years. It was a great example to me of true love and dedication to someone that you plan on spending eternity with.

Jazz Draft Party

We went to the Utah Jazz Draft Party and enjoyed free hot dogs and drinks along with so fun! (I cannot find my 4 G black flash drive, so these are the couple of pictures that were still on my memory card. I haven't found it since I came back from Michigan. Grrr...)

Waiting in line to get in wasn't too bad. They had a big sale of clothes and Jazz things really cheap since they changed the color scheme of the team. We did get an Atlanta Braves shirt for Eryn. The Fanz was clearing out pretty much everything!

Brooke ate all of the graham crackers and Eryn had all of the fruit snacks. Then, waiting took a turn for the worse with the crying. Thankfully, we were able to go in quickly after that. The AC was soooooooo nice after standing in the hot sun for awhile!

Brooke had fun trying to figure out the stadium seating.

I had more pictures that I just can't find right now. Pictures of the floor sample of the new color scheme, Eryn dancing and throwing confetti, and Mike (more than just his arm)! I'm still on the look out of my flash drive, but who knows. I put these pictures onto my parents computer so they are somewhere for sure. Just really far away from me. (Dad, don't delete anything! I'll come get them sometime!)

Our New Pool

In Mike's dreams (and in my nightmares!).

In reality, it's a small hard plastic kiddie pool that we acquired from the neighbor who had no use for it anymore. Since our back yard is a landslide waiting to happen, it has to sit mostly under the deck to be able to sort of fill the pool without a massive "deep end" if you will.

It is amazing how even though Eryn has spent plenty of time in larger pools and awesome kiddie splash parks, she still like to sit in the cool water and splash around! Brooke doesn't mind playing around in it either.