Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween 2014

The time of celebrating getting candy from strangers and dressing up like someone else has come and gone for this year yet again.  Really fast, here are some of the highlights.

Super Girl clearly stealing the picture.

The ever important school costume parade and the child refusing to look at the camera.

Ha!  I win.  I got a smile!

Again, being ignored by my evil spawn...

Then she gave in too!

Spiderman was very tricky to catch!

These two caught the reflection of the brick building in the glass and I thought it turned out so awesome!  Especially since Spiderman likes to crawl up brick buildings.

My Worst Nightmare...

I enjoyed being in orchestra, band, art club, safety patrol, choir, marching band, winter drum line and even the varsity golf team.  Yet, the thing that I was always avoiding was anything that remotely resembled a dance team or cheer leading.  So, what do my girls want to do?  Only the thing that I dread the most...  It's all right though.  I'm supportive and we tried it out and learned that they are fast learners and that dancing and cheer type things come pretty easy to them.  

One of the local high schools did a week long mini camp in order to teach some basic skills and a little routine which the girls then preformed at the all exclusive JV football game!  Yeah, it's small time stuff to most people but to my girls it might as well have been equivalent to preforming for half time at the Super Bowl!   

While dancing is something I never enjoyed personally, I almost brought tears to my eyes to watch them preform that day.  I'm so proud of my girls!

After we were done outside, we went back into the dance studio and took a few pictures.

Mid cartwheel makes this one of my favorites!  I really love being a photographer some days!

Their little sassy attitudes really came out and I could tell that their self worth and confidence was about to bubble over.  Trying out new things and finding that you can be successful at them is very empowering and you don't have to be a kid to try new things!