Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ian's Bragging Moments

He FINALLY EATS!!!!!!  This kid is putting down as much food as I do.  Fingers crossed for some serious growing coming up!

He's super happy too.

Pretty soon he will be too big for the high chair.

The day BYU played Utah State Andrew (Mike's brother) came over.  Since he went to USU, we adults understood his wardrobe issues.  Ian wasn't old enough to understand that we still LOVE Uncle Andrew despite his poor taste in clothes on certain game days.
(OK I took his milk away and that's really why he was crying, but the picture was just too good to pass up!) 

This guy's got some personality!  I was getting ready to give him some breakfast and this was the reaction that Cheerios got.  He now eats various cereals and cereal bars.  I guess he just needed a change!

As beautiful and great as our girls are Ian has a very special place in Daddy's heart (and he KNOWS it)!

Brooke's Bragging Moments

 This is Brooke's victory dance!  Yep, she's totally potty trained.  It officially happened awhile ago, but I was holding off bragging about it until I was certain that I wasn't cursing myself to fall back into more frustrations. However, it's done now and I am in no fear of falling back into the Pull-Ups isle for this one.

This was the reaction to a fly in the van.  A normal house fly is the most terrifying thing in the entire world to this little girl.  I get being scared of bugs, but she takes it to a whole new level.

Brooke is also becoming more and more of a "ham" everyday.  Everywhere she goes she's singing and dancing like we're in the middle of a huge Broadway production.  She sings Disney songs and makes up her own with very strange lyrics, but it's always entertaining.

She is also now obsessed with out shining her older sister.  I knew it would happen.  I busted out the camera the other day and it was a fight between these two to see how grabbed my attention more.  Brooke won and she seemed pretty proud of herself for it too.

Eryn's Bragging Moments

Eryn's first day of school this year.  (Yeah, I know, I'm waaaaaaay behind...)

She gets super emotional now over the littlest things and pouts like she's going to be nominated for an Academy Award!

On the school's "Picture Day" we stopped and I took a few.  Mine were much better, but I still bought a couple from the school mostly to include a picture of all of the kids in her class.

The biggest news...

Yep, she LOST A TOOTH!

Then the Tooth Fairy made the first official visit to this McCorristin household.  It was a momentous occasion!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Auto Drama

To sum up the auto drama that we've had recently goes as follows:

Load up all children and stuff into van to go to Boise for 4 days, turn key, van doesn't start.

Roll van back to jump it, smoke, sparks, jumper cables melted, children evacuated from van quickly, crying & screaming, van won't shift out of park, call a tow truck.

Covered by extended warranty we purchased?  Nope.  Send it to local place recommended by lots of people who we know.

Lots of tests and checks, part of computer coded and needed to be reprogrammed, done, fixed, about $100, could have fried engine and cost a lot more, blessed?  Yes.

7 days later...

Load kids to run errands, van no start again, call back auto repair place, sending tow truck, go try it one more time, it starts, no tow truck, paranoid and freaked out that it will do it again, yes.

The next day...

Load kids in car to take to school, van no start, kids crying, Mom frustrated, call tow truck, ugh...

Several hours later, call from auto repair place, battery dead, battery was fine before now dead, OK, $150 for tow + new battery, again could have been much worse.

There are a few lessons to be learned in all of this.  If the battery isn't totally dead, don't try to jump it.  Calmly trying to figure things out and quickly moving to plan B is necessary sometimes.  Knowing that even though this extra problem wasn't ideal, it could have been a lot worse has made the whole thing less painful.  I am certain of 2 things from our experiences with this little set back.  1.)  Things can always be worse  so be grateful for little trials.  2.)  Going with the gut feeling to just have someone local look at it and take care of it was the best way to go.  If it had gone back to the dealership in SLC they could have run us through the ringer and there would have been nothing that we could do to dispute it because the vehicle would have been so far away and the cost to tow it back from there would be insane.  Not that they would have, but I really feel that it could have.