Monday, June 9, 2014

Missing May

We have been trying harder to make sure that we post each month and realized that we missed May.  We have been so busy with everything and managed to miss an entire month of updating our few faithful blog followers.

Mike was promoted at work and is now an AD (Associate Director) for his Implementation department.  With his new responsibilities he has earned a few chances to travel for work and is excited to meet clients and help to teach others what he knows!

I am still working really hard at my job and trying to find joy in photography again.

The kids finished up the school and are excited for summer!  With that comes splash pads, swimming pools, sun screen, parks, vacations, soccer, playgrounds, and so many other wonderful things.

This next month is facing us with family reunions and the day to day life that brings us joy and challenges alike.  Fingers crossed it goes smoothly!

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